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Complete Long Term Remission of a Partially Resected and Irradiated Malignant Tumor of The Optic Nerve through Follow-up Immunobiological Issels Treatment

Patient K.T., Born 1962, File 260/66
5 years survival without any recurrence.

  First Diagnosis | Standard Treatment | Issels Treatment

First Diagnosis
June 1965
Diagnosis: Inoperable glioma of the right optic nerve and of the optic chiasm.

Histology: Spongioblastoma of the optic nerve.

Treatment: Partial resection.
Standard/ Conventional Treatment
October 1965
Radiation therapy, spongioblastomas are not radiation sensitive.

No further Standard Treatment. Patient considered incurable.
Issels Treatment
April 1966
Admission exam: Neurological residual symptoms after subtotal resection and post-operative radiation of a spongioblastoma.

April to May 1966
Issels Treatment: 4 weeks of in-patient immunobiological treatment and 6 months of out-patient follow-up treatment.

October 1967
Control exam: Improvement and remission of all symptoms.

Follow-up until 1971
5 years survival without any recurrence.

DISCLAIMER: The extent of the response to treatment varies from patient to patient, even with similar diagnosis as the internal bodily environment is unique to each individual patient.

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