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Issels Integrative Immuno-Oncology Center

Over the years of integrating the Issels® immunotherapy for cancer vaccines into a comprehensive immunobiologic core treatment we have found a way to dramatically increase the desired outcome of a long-term remission. This is what distinguishes us decisively from the mere administration of vaccines whose benefits have lately been gaining more attention from cancer research.

Over 40 video testimonials

Both our Issels medical teams in Tijuana, Mexico and Santa Barbara, California keep regular contact through video conferences to discuss their patients’ response to treatment.

Our doctors collaborate with experts of all specialty medical fields depending on the individual patient’s needs.


Avenida Paseo de los Heroes # 10999 – PB Suite 4, Zona Rio,
Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, C.P. 22010.

It will be of interest to all our Asian patients that there is a non stop flight on Aeromexico between Shanghai International Airport and Tijuana International Airport. The hospital is only 20 minutes from the International Airport. There is no US Visa required for the stay at the Hospital, only for the outpatient treatment in Santa Barbara.

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The specialized and personalized targeted Issels® immunotherapy for cancer vaccines are available at this facility.

The Issels Integrative Immuno-Oncology is administered in Tijuana, Mexico, at the newest and most modern hospital of the largest private hospital chain of 22 hospitals in Mexico. The hospital is in compliance with the highest international standards in patient care and safety according to International Patient Safety Goal requirement, as demonstrated by its pending JCI Accreditation. JCI Accreditation facilitates reimbursement of treatment costs. [JCI is the Joint Commission International, a non-profit healthcare accreditation for hospitals outside of the USA.]

The hospital features the most modern diagnostic and therapeutic services such as CAT scan, MRI, 12 operating suites, 8 intensive care units, outpatient surgical center, emergency room, a pharmacy, and many additional amenities, among them an inviting restaurant and community areas, spacious private rooms, 16 suites, 4 master suites and more. The hospital is located in an upscale commercial area of Tijuana just across the border from San Diego, California.

We provide patients with private transport to and from the hospital. Our hospital driver will be at the airport for pick up and drive directly back to the hospital where patients and their companions will be welcomed by our staff. A heliport is also available on-site if direct transport via helicopter is necessary.

Each member of the Issels team of competent and compassionate doctors has extensive experience with conventional and integrative cancer medicine. For many years they have, in collaboration with our immuno/hematologist, administered our vaccine and cell therapy protocols to patients suffering from a variety of advanced cancers and monitored their progress for years, and even decades.

DISCLAIMER: No claim is made that patients with similar diagnosis and/or treatment(s) will respond to the same extent as the patients shown. All testimonials have been provided voluntarily to share a patient’s experience with the Issels Treatment and their state of health at the time.  Some patients may have passed away due to age or disease. None of these patients received compensation or are related to the Issels Treatment Centers.

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