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August 2013

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Ilse Marie Issels, wife of Dr. Joseph IsselsWelcome to the first issue of our newsletter! 

Over the years, we have witnessed the detrimental effects of Overdiagnosis and subsequent standard Overtreatment of Cancer with our patients.

The cancer treatment community is slowly recognizing this danger and US research groups recently published their warnings. There needs to be a line drawn when it comes to treatment, while continually striving for early detection to determine the best course of action at any given stage of the disease. 

In this issue and in our subsequent newsletters, our goal is to keep you informed, offer tips on how to focus on healthy living, how to boost your immune system to fight cancer, and news on cancer treatment break throughs.

We look forward to keeping you informed!

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Ilse Marie Issels
Ilse Marie Issels
Wife and Collaborator of Dr. Josef Issels, Our Founder



Remarkable Outcomes for Cancer Patients

Our bodies have many healing mechanisms, which have to be supported and enhanced instead of being hampered. For over six decades we have observed in our inpatient and outpatient clinics that our integrative immunotherapy
has achieved complete long-term remission of large tumors even with
patients in the very advanced stages of cancer. Patients have enjoyed their cancer-free quality of living for many years or decades.

A Happy CoupleOne of our patients, H.D., was diagnosed with testicular cancer (read his full case history on and had failed standard treatment. He was sent home to die. He started the Issels Immunotherapy in 1953 and achieved complete remission. He called me in June of 2013 to report that he is 92 years old now and is still driving. He met his wife, A.M.B., at our hospital (read her full case history on She had cervical cancer and failed standard treatment as well, and then achieved complete remission of her recurring cancer through Issels. They got married and adopted two children.

Our immunotherapy programs do not consist of cancer vaccines as a monotherapy. We integrate cancer vaccines and cell therapy protocols, which work on the cellular level of the immune system, into a comprehensive immunobiologic core treatment that addresses the various other levels of the body's complex defenses. Hence, the remarkable outcomes.



Do Cancer Screenings Result in Overtreatment?

In recommending that cancer be redefined to reflect new knowledge and that certain conditions no longer be branded as cancer, a National Cancer Institute advisory panel expressed concern that America's defensive approach to medicine has lead to over-screening for cancer and that cancer screenings are too often resulting in unnecessary treatment.

Medical professionals on a panel.The panel's concern was twofold:

  1. Today's cancer screenings use a level of technology capable of detecting  abnormalities at the cellular level. The problem is that the human body is full of abnormalities; however, not all abnormalities are cancerous nor will most become cancerous.

  2. Americans are so conditioned to think worst-case scenario when cancer is diagnosed that they are unwilling to take a "wait and see" approach. They insist on surgery or other radical treatments such as chemotherapy and  radiation that carry their own significant health risks. In fact, fear of cancer is causing some people to undergo surgery even when no cancer is evident, as was the case earlier this year when actress Angelina Jolie underwent a preventative double mastectomy after discovering that she carries a gene that increases breast cancer risk.

In making its recommendation, the advisory panel stated:

"The word 'cancer' often invokes the specter of an inexorably lethal process. However, cancers are heterogeneous and can follow multiple paths, not all of which progress to metastases and death."

As noted on CNN Health, 10% of localized lung cancer tumors, 20% to 30% of localized breast cancer tumors and 60% of prostate cancer tumors discovered by screening will never harm their victims.

We invite you to learn more...

We encourage you to read the full article titled "Experts warn of dangers of overdiagnosis and treatment of cancer" from the July 29, 2013 Washington Post Health and Science section for more in-depth information on this important topic.

Also, make sure to read our blog posted on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for more interesting news articles and cancer topics.