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December 11, 2014

Ilse Marie Issels, wife of Dr. Joseph IsselsDear Friend,

In this newsletter issue we share a few tips with you that patients have shared with us on how they have managed to get through chemotherapy.

Not all cancer treatments need to be toxic to your body. If you would like to consider the Issels® non-toxic course of cancer treatment, I encourage you to contact our caring patient care staff to evaluate if the Issels Treatment® may be right for you.

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Ilse Marie Issels
Ilse Marie Issels
Wife and Collaborator of Dr. Josef Issels, Our Founder



Tips to Weathering Chemotherapy

When you go through cancer treatments, you’re not alone. Here are some greatIlse Marie Issels, wife of Dr. Joseph Issels suggestions to help weather chemotherapy:

Know how to manage the nausea.
Feeling ill and vomiting are the worst parts of chemotherapy for most people. Spread out your eating across many small meals instead of three regular meals, avoid beverages during mealtimes, and eat slowly.

Try out meditation and emotional exercises.
Being in control of your emotions can help when side effects hit. Don't be afraid to address your emotional hurdles through meditation, talk therapy, and alternative medicines.

Be prepared to try new foods.
Many people undergoing chemo feel like foods taste different, even common and favorite foods. If what you eat tastes odd or foul, branch out and try lots of things — even foods you typically dislike — and find what works.

Stick with healthy foods to feel your best.
Cupcakes may be tempting, but most people do best when avoiding junk foods, sweets, fatty foods, and fried foods. These treats should remain treats, while a generally  healthy diet will keep you feeling best.

Get some hats, including one with a wide brim.
Before chemotherapy, you may wish to shave your head and get a wig. Find some hats, too, including warm and comfy ones for when you feel chilly and a wide-brimmed hat to help with sun protection.

See the dentist first.
Teeth cleanings are a bad idea during chemotherapy, so see the dentist a few weeks beforehand and use saltwater rinses to gently help with sores.

We're also here to help with individualized, holistic treatments. Talk to us if you're interested in learning about alternative cancer treatment options.

We invite you to contact one of our patient care specialists today to chat about how the Issels® Integrative Immunotherapy Program for Cancer may be the right choice for your health needs. We invite you to phone 1-888-447-7357 or visit us online at