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September 11, 2014

Ilse Marie Issels, wife of Dr. Joseph IsselsDear Friend,

At Issels, we specialize in advanced and highly individualized integrative treatment programs for patients suffering from cancer and immune diseases.

The treatment of cancer, a very complex disease, has required intensive research and discovery with the result being a new understanding of how cancer tumors change and how cancer spreads.

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Ilse Marie Issels
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Blood Samples Being Used to Personalize Breast Cancer TreatmentNatural Killer Cells Explained

Boston scientists are attempting to use blood samples to personalize breast cancer treatment for women with rare forms of the disease.

After filtering tumor cells from patient blood samples, researchers have been studying how the cells grow and have begun to experiment with possible solutions for halting cell growth. The new technique has the potential to allow "real time monitoring" of tumor changes and may usher in a new era of individually designed cancer treatments.

"Tumors change, and from the time that a woman is diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer that needs to be treated, to the time that multiple treatments have worked and stop working, the tumors have evolved," Dr. Daniel Haber of Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center recently told the Boston Globe.

Real Time Monitoring

The new technique would allow oncologists to monitor tumor development and treatment resistance in real time and make treatment adjustments more quickly, hopefully preventing the spread of cancer and hastening the administration of more effective targeted therapies. The ability to track such changes through blood tests could also spare breast cancer patients the trauma of multiple invasive biopsies.

When Cancer Cells Circulate

The circulation of cancer cells in the blood stream is considered a strong indicator that cancer is spreading beyond the original tumor site. Cancer cell circulation is also believed to be a primary mechanism for metastasis. The ability to track the real time emergence of cancer cell mutations through blood samples is still a work in progress. While intriguing, researchers were only able to culture cancer cells in one-sixth of the blood samples.

At Issels, we have been customizing cancer treatment for decades, including cutting-edge specific autologous (prepared from the patient's own blood) non-toxic vaccines and cell therapy protocols into comprehensive treatment programs for breast and other types of cancers. Please visit our website to learn more about the Issels treatment programs.

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