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February 12, 2015

Ilse Marie Issels, wife of Dr. Joseph IsselsDear Friend,

Boosting your body's own ability to fight cancer is one very important element of the success we have had in treating it and is a key factor to our own unique long term remission results. 

I think the information you'll read in this issue on how to create a positive support network will be helpful and interesting. Lean on your network while you find peace and passion for the journey ahead.

Best Regards,
Ilse Marie Issels
Ilse Marie Issels
Wife and Collaborator of Dr. Josef Issels, Our Founder



Attitude is Everything in Living with Cancer

Ilse Marie Issels, wife of Dr. Joseph IsselsAttitude is everything whether the cancer diagnosis is for a family member, friend or you. The aftermath of diagnosis is often devastating.

A range of emotions are soaring through your mind, and you're wondering if you have what it takes to beat this disease. Fortunately, when you equip yourself with the right attitude, used in conjunction with conventional and/or alternative cancer treatment programs, you can build the strength necessary to fight with all you have.

Changing your attitude about any situation is difficult, and you'll want to make sure to surround yourself with people who support your cause.

Build a team of support whether it's through family members, your church group or all of your best friends from college. A positive attitude can have a profound effect on your well-being while in treatment. Once you have found your support group, you can begin to focus on taking care of yourself and getting all the help you need to heal and get better.

You might be fighting to live longer for your children, or you may be fighting because you don't feel as though you've completed your journey here yet. Setting a goal and giving yourself a passion for the journey are two powerful tools.

This positive approach can also be tied to religion or spirituality. By connecting yourself to God or a higher power, you can tap into a powerful force that helps you to retain your positive "I can win" attitude. Incorporating religion or spirituality of some type into your "I can win" attitude lets you know that you are not alone. Prayer and meditation can also be part of your plan as you work to enhance attitude and find inner peace.

Consider using immune boosting programs to get your mind, body and spirit all in line with one another. No matter what your treatment plan is, discuss and keep your doctor informed of your goals and ideas to ensure you are moving in the "right" direction.

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