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Personalized Vaccines Are Recognized as the Future for Cancer Treatment

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Vaccines save lives by utilizing the patient’s immune system to attack harmful cells. Much like flu vaccines prepare the person's body to defend against pathogens, cancer prevention vaccines are given to people who do not have cancer to help their body identify and destroy infections known to lead to cancer. Treatment vaccines are for people who are already diagnosed with cancer. Issels® Integrative Immuno-Oncology uses non-toxic vaccine and cell therapy that is prepared from the patient’s own blood.

Washington University Study

A recent study by scientists at Washington University found personalized cancer treatment was able to cure 90 percent of the mice used in the study that had advanced muscle cancer. This success prompted Alumni Professor of Pathology and Immunology for the university Robert Schreiber, PhD, who was senior author of the study, to say personalized cancer vaccines should be used to treat cancer in humans right away.

Immune-Based Treatments

Years of research on cancer genetics and how the immune system interacts with cancer have made new vaccines and treatments possible. Scientists agree immunotherapy is the best path to a cancer cure.

A personalized vaccine requires samples from the DNA of the individual’s tumor and healthy tissue. This aspect of creating an effective vaccine is difficult because cancer cells develop from the healthy cells of the person and are not easily recognized as harmful by the immune system. Despite the difficulties, experts agree that this type of integrative strategy is the best path to successfully treating cancer.

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Personalized Vaccines Are Recognized as the Future for Cancer Treatment

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