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March 19, 2015

Ilse Marie Issels, wife of Dr. Joseph IsselsDear Friend,

Did you know that cells can undergo stress too? It appears, in a recent research study, that too much metabolic stress may slow or stop the growth of cancerous tumors.

This new research may just be one of the building blocks for future cancer treatments as scientists unlock the mystery of how cancer works at the cellular level.

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Ilse Marie Issels
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Cancer Cells Show Sensitivity To Metabolic Stress

Ilse Marie Issels, wife of Dr. Joseph IsselsEvery day it seems researchers are learning something new about cancer. Recently, it was discovered that cancer cells could be vulnerable to metabolic stress. According to an article on Medical News Today's website, this discovery could pave the way for new cancer therapies that won't be harmful to normal cells. 

How Tumor Cells Get Stressed

Research has shown that a tumor is usually not made up of identical cells. When someone goes through chemotherapy the cells frequently change. This chromosomal instability causes cancer cells to stress out. When they are stressed, it could lead to metabolic disruption.  

What is metabolic stress? Metabolism is essential to life. It's what turns food into energy. Metabolic stress puts a strain on the immune system, and could diminish muscle strength. 

Experiments are currently being conducted on Drosophila flies that will show how much stress unstable cells can tolerate. Dr. Gregory is hoping this study will be the jumping-off point to developing treatments that have no side effects. 

Ways to Avoid Metabolic Stress 

According to the article, chemotherapy is toxic to all dividing cells. That's why there are so many side effects of chemotherapy such as hair loss, pain, and infection. The immunotherapy treatments we provide at Issels® Integrative Immuno-Oncology have been shown to stop the growth of unstable tumor cells in many patients.

Other ways to avoid metabolic stress is by radically changing one's eating habits and by working out. Exercise has also been linked to cancer prevention and reduced cancer recurrence

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