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Tips on What to Eat While In Cancer Treatment

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Cancer does not exist in a vacuum. Immunotherapy for cancer takes a patient's lifestyle, environment, and genetic tendencies into consideration in developing personalized protocols. It's not surprising that nutrition can play an important part in successful cancer treatment.

Here are some tips from WebMD regarding healthy eating habits and dietary choices to follow during your treatment for cancer:

Healthy Eating Habits

• Instead of waiting until you're hungry, eat smaller meals at scheduled times of the day.

• Eat dense, nutrient-rich foods such as avocados, nuts and beans that pack a lot of power into a small amount.

• Make a point of plating your food using garnishes and other decorative touches to make it visually appealing.

• During treatment, you may be more susceptible to germs. Use proper food preparation methods such as washing and rinsing produce and cooking meat thoroughly.

Healthy Dietary Choices

• At least 50 percent of each meal should come from fruits and/or vegetables, and aim for meatless meals two to three times a week.

• Choose whole grain breads and cereals instead of so-called "white foods" made with processed and refined flour.

• Avoid high-sugar foods that provide empty calories with no nutrition.

• Keep items like carrot sticks, apples and berries on hand for convenient snacking.

• Get nutrition from natural sources rather than supplements. In any case, consult your doctor before using dietary supplements, as they can interfere with treatment.

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Tips on What to Eat While In Cancer Treatment

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