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Using the Power of a Dendritic Cell Vaccine

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The term "vaccine" is often associated with the prevention of diseases such as measles, mumps and whooping cough, many of which are contagious and usually occur in childhood. A non-toxic cancer vaccine that proactively combats existing tumors has been an effective part of our immuno-oncology protocols at Issels®.

Our vaccine therapies derive their power from a patient's own immune system. The vaccines themselves are autologous, meaning they are prepared using the patient's blood to incorporate potent dendritic cells.

The power of dendritic cells

Dendritic cells act as coordinators between the innate immune system, which provides the initial response to pathogens, and the adaptive immune system, which offers a long-lasting defense against the invading cells. When foreign organisms are detected, dendritic cells capture their markers, or antigens, for presentation to T-lymphocyte cells, triggering the attack on the pathogens.

What is extracorporeal photopheresis?

FDA-approved for cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, this process involves passing blood through a chamber featuring ultraviolet light, which boosts immune properties. White blood cells comprised of monocytes and lymphocytes are then extracted before the blood is returned to the body. The separated cells are cultured to become active dendritic cells and injected back into the patient, where they initiate an immune response against the tumor.

Our immuno-oncology treatment programs are personalized based on the needs of each individual patient. Specific protocols may include a non-toxic cancer vaccine, gene therapies, and other integrative treatments designed to stimulate the body's natural immune responses. Visit our website to learn more about the effectiveness and benefits of our non-toxic, state-of-the-art immunotherapy protocols.

Using the Power of a Dendritic Cell Vaccine

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Even with the complexities, development of a breast cancer vaccine is a top priority among cancer researchers who are tiring of chasing treatments without addressing the cause of breast cancer. Voicing the frustration many members of the cancer community share, Fran Visco of the National Breast Cancer Coalition told USA Today that in the U.S. "the vast majority of research dollars [are spent] on the next treatment for breast cancer. But we only see incremental benefits from all of these treatment drugs."

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Issels Cancer Vaccines Offer Non-Toxic Cancer Treatment Alternative

Issels autologous cancer vaccines are prepared from the patient's own blood to be non-toxic and immediately compatible with the patient's system. Our cancer vaccines work with the body's immune system to strengthen the patient's natural immunity against cancer cells. Every day we are exposed to all sorts of bacteria, viruses, pollutants, diseases and other potentially hazardous elements. As these agents invade our bodies, our immune system goes on the attack, producing disease-fighting antibodies. These antibodies remain in the blood stream; our immune system responds and creates a powerful barrier to future exposure.

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