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Why Issels? Why Mexico?

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Every year, over one million Americans are diagnosed with cancer. Of those diagnosed, studies suggest 60 percent turn to alternative cancer therapy in conjunction with or in lieu of conventional treatment, discovering a large number of these alternative facilities are located outside of the country, such as in Mexico.

The Issels® Difference

Issels® Immunotherapy for Cancer has the longest track record with the clinical administration of non-toxic cancer vaccines to advanced and therapy-resistant cancers, achieving remarkable recurrence-free tumor remissions for years and even decades.

Issels® Immunotherapy focuses with the same importance on destroying cancer cells and tumors as on altering the body's internal environment that has been promoting the cancer growth.

Therefore, Issels® Immunotherapy uses a cancer vaccine not on its own as a mono therapy. It integrates the vaccine and cell therapies that activate the cellular immunity, into the immunobiologic core treatment in order to also activate the various other levels of the body's very complex defense mechanisms.

The Issels cancer vaccine and cell therapies cultured from the patient's own immune cells are non-toxic and do not have any adverse side effects. This is in contrast to several chemically prepared drugs that are labeled as "immunotherapy" because they affect the immune system, but have been shown to cause serious life-threatening auto-immune reactions with a great variety of patients.

Issels® doctors' expertise and many years of extensive experience with the successful integration of the two pillars of a personalized non-toxic Immunotherapy for cancer play a decisive role in the treatment outcomes.

Why Not the U.S.?

In the past, many clinics outside the U.S. were not taken seriously, however those times have drastically changed. Because conventional forms of cancer care such as surgery, chemo and radiation were the only forms of therapy covered by the U.S. healthcare system and insurance companies, many doctors chose to practice in Mexico in order to offer a broader array of treatments from around the world – and at a more affordable price. Over 500,000 estimated cancer patients leave the U.S. for treatment annually seeking these highly successful treatments.

Why Seek Alternative Treatment?

Integrative approaches to cancer treatment provide individualized regimens tailored specifically for each individual. They focus on healing the entire body, with the added benefits of fewer side effects and improved quality of life when combined with conventional therapies such as chemotherapy and radiation. Natural cancer therapies are also sought, offering hope, when conventional treatments fail.

How Accepted Are the Alternatives?

For over a decade, complementary and alternative cancer treatments have been gaining acceptance, resulting in the creation of such organizations as the National Cancer Institute's Office of Cancer Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). In fact,, the National Cancer Institute's website, acknowledges the evaluation of certain CAM therapies and their capability to help patients feel better and recover faster. Looking for a safer, more effective cancer treatment option? Contact Issels® today.

Why Issels? Why Mexico?

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Cancer Survivors: a Unique Perspective on Hope

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