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Tips to Combat Negative Self-Image During Cancer Treatment

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While cancer's most serious impact is on your health, it can also affect the way you look and feel about yourself. Here are some tips on maintaining a positive self-image while undergoing immunotherapy for cancer or other treatment for cancer.

Internal and External Changes Caused by Cancer

Everyone's cancer is different, and so are the side affects you experience. Common body changes, short-term or long-term, include:

Loss of hair

• Scars or other changes in skin

• Fluctuations in weight

• Loss of body parts (limbs, breasts, appendages)

• Loss of fertility

How to Cope with Body Changes

• Grieving is an essential step in dealing with any type of loss. Feeling sad or angry is human, not weak. Give yourself time.

• Coping with cancer can actually have a positive influence on mental and emotional characteristics such as strength and wisdom. Focus on and appreciate the aspects that have improved.

• Be good to yourself. Buy new clothes, experiment with a new hair style or color, try out different makeup. Continue to take pride in your external appearance and eventually your internal mind set will catch up.

• Stay busy with physical activities, hobbies or volunteering.

• Body changes can cause physical and emotional roadblocks regarding sex and intimacy. Don't be embarrassed to talk to your doctor for help. These problems can often be resolved.

At Issels®, Each Patient Is Special

We understand that your situation isn't like that of anyone else. Our immunotherapy for cancer treatments are individually tailored to address your unique needs. Contact us today to learn why Issels® is a leader in state-of-the-art immunotherapy for cancer programs.

Tips to Combat Negative Self Image During Cancer Treatment

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Exercise Tips While in Cancer Treatment

For those dealing with cancer, exercise benefits the musculoskeletal system and may enhance one’s physical well being and capabilities. Exercise also reduces stress levels, improving their mood and overall outlook in life. It can also fend off the fatigue of illness and treatment with a boost to energy levels.

Exercise can also bring a sense of normalcy and activity to life. One might consider physical activity to be a much-needed break from the rigors of undergoing treatment. For many, exercise may be an important method of improving survivorship and quality of life.

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Taking Care of Your Nutritional Needs While in Cancer Treatment

As you know, when you have cancer your desire for food changes. You may need to make some changes in your diet too. Don't be afraid to: eat foods that are higher in fat to keep your weight up; eat high calorie foods; drink plenty of milk if it tastes good to you; eat ice cream because it may be soothing to a dry or sore throat.

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Videos – What Do Patients Say About Their Experience?

Watch videos of patients who share their own experiences at the Issels clinics with you. Listen to their stories and cancer journeys.

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