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Immunotherapy Works Effectively on Stage 2 and 3 Cancers

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Immunotherapy drugs have become a valuable weapon in the fight against metastatic cancer, also known as Stage 4 cancer. Researchers are discovering that immunotherapy for cancer treatment can also have positive results when used during stages two and three of the disease.

Immunotherapy and Early-Stage Cancer

At the recent European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) congress in Madrid, one pharmaceutical company presented successful trial results for its immuno-oncology drug in treating mid-stage lung cancer. The manufacturer, AstraZeneca, is considered a latecomer to the I-O (Immuno-Oncology) field as compared to other more established companies.

For their part, Bristol-Meyers produced evidence regarding Opdivo, the company's widely used late-stage Immuno-Oncology drug. Opdivo has been shown to prevent relapses in melanoma patients when administered immediately post-surgery.

Supplementing Surgery with Immunotherapy

This method of following surgery with cancer treatment is referred to as adjuvant therapy. With the success of Opdivo, a number of trials are being conducted on adjuvant therapy using Immuno-Oncology drugs with a range of cancer types. Some trials are even focusing on neoadjuvant, or pre-surgery, treatment for breast, neck, and head cancers.

What's Next in the World of Immuno-Oncology?

If the trend of early-stage immunotherapy treatment continues, early detection becomes even more important than ever. According to Pascal Soriot, CEO of AstraZeneca, effective early treatment is a powerful incentive for increased use of screening methods.

Non-Toxic Immunotherapy Programs from Issels®

Our cancer vaccines and other non-toxic, personally tailored immunotherapy treatment programs have resulted in long-term remission for patients with all types of therapy-resistant cancers. Contact us for more information about Issels®, the leader in non-toxic immunotherapy for cancer treatment.

Immunotherapy Works Effectively on Stage 2 and 3 Cancers

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Epigenomics Research May Stop Progression of Late Stage Cancers

A late stage cancer patient's survival depends a great deal on his/her doctor doing whatever possible to determine the cause of that cancer. At the Issels® Centers for Immuno-Oncology, our teams use every means at our disposal to understand your cancer and create a personalized treatment plan. We take into account new diagnosis, prevention and treatment options. Research details announced recently give new hope for late stage patients: an international team revealed that they may have found a way to stop the spread of late stage cancers using epigenomics and epigenetics research.

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Tumor Heterogeneity: Why Some Tumors Metastasize or Are Drug Resistant

Scientists have discovered that cancer cells can vary greatly between the original site and metastatic site, and even within a single tumor. This characteristic is referred to as tumor heterogeneity. Research has uncovered significant evidence demonstrating that cancer cells continue to evolve. Doctors are using this knowledge of tumor heterogeneity to prescribe combination therapies that attack multiple genetic and molecular targets.

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Videos – What Do Patients Say About Their Experience?

Watch videos of patients who share their own experiences at the Issels clinics with you. Listen to their stories and cancer journeys.

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