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Reader Reviews of “Cancer: a Second Opinion” by Dr. Josef M. Issels

Josef M. Issels, Our Founder
Josef M. Issels, Our Founder

“Every second of every day, a man, woman or child dies of cancer.” That is the opening line of Cancer: A Second Opinion, written by Dr. Josef M. Issels, founder and namesake of our immunotherapy for cancer clinic. It also sums up why he felt the need to share his valuable work with the rest of the world.

“A General Disease of the Whole Body”

The medical community has traditionally viewed cancer as a localized disease and focused treatment on the tumor itself. Dr. Issels put forth the idea that cancer is actually the symptom of a generalized disease affecting the entire body.

This concept formed the basis of Dr. Issels’ groundbreaking work developing integrative immunotherapy for cancer treatments. While acknowledging that methods such as surgery and radiotherapy are necessary tools, Dr. Issels focused on treatments that fight the cause of cancer by boosting the immune system, the body’s natural line of defense.

The Public Responds

Cancer: A Second Opinion has achieved a five-star rating on Amazon. Here’s what some readers had to say in their reviews:

Issels®: A Pioneer in Immunotherapy for Cancer

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