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The Issels® Immunotherapy for Cancer program stands out from that of other medical resources, for its remarkable results of long-term cancer remissions by integrating non-toxic immunotherapy as an essential part of an individualized treatment plan.

The Issels® Immunotherapy comprehensive strategy was pioneered in Germany by renowned cancer specialist, Josef M. Issels, M.D., at the world's first specialized hospital with 120 beds solely dedicated to the treatment of advanced and standard therapy-resistant cancers. An exceptional number of stage 4 cancer patients achieved complete long-term tumor remission and remained cancer free for many years, and even decades.

In view of his expertise and results, Dr. Josef Issels served as an expert member of the German Federal Government Commission in the Fight Against Cancer for seven years until his retirement.

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John Anderson, M.D., Former Head and Chair of the Department of Medicine at King's College Hospital Medical School, University of London, England, Former Consultant to the World Health Organization on Oncology, visited the Issels Hospital and confirmed the treatment results.

The current advanced Issels Cancer Immunotherapy programs are highly individualized through special non-invasive testing methods and have no adverse side effects. These advanced non-toxic immunotherapy treatments can include vaccines and cell therapies prepared from the patient's own cells of the immune system, as well as cytokine protocols and other state-of-the-art research-based therapies. Issels utilizes and integrates modern targeted cancer therapies when indicated.

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The Issels comprehensive mind-body approach focuses not only on the cancer cells and tumors but is designed to restore the body's regulatory systems, and the repair and defense mechanisms to recognize and destroy cancer cells. In other words, the Issels protocols teach the body's immune system how to fight the cancer.

Specialized protocols of standard therapies are administered if needed and still possible.

Our Issels doctors' expertise and extensive experience with integrative immunotherapy are crucial in achieving the desired treatment results. Our physicians tailor each treatment protocol according to your individual and unique needs. They provide you with thorough follow-up until, and even after, tumor remission is achieved.

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Dr. Christian N. Issels carries on his father's, Dr. Josef Issels' legacy. He is the founder and the head of the Issels Medical Center with location in Santa Barbara, California, USA. Dr. Christian N. Issels specializes in advanced and highly individualized immunobiologic therapies and has replicated the Issels long-term remissions of a variety of otherwise treatment-resistant cancers.

His unique system of testing and evaluation, expanded over all those years, allows him and his medical team to personalize their immunotherapy programs to an extent that was not possible before. It has enabled them to recognize and repair damage to the body's complex defense mechanisms to an unusual depth and resulted in the positive responses of otherwise therapy-resistant cancers and immune diseases.

Dr. Issels and his medical team work with experts of all standard medical specialty fields according to individual patient's needs.

The comprehensive strategy of Issels® Integrative Immunotherapy includes advanced targeted cancer therapies when indicated and always tailored to the individual patient's needs. These targeted therapies are designed to inhibit only cancerous cell replication and tumor growth, whereas traditional chemotherapy-based treatments destroy rapidly dividing cancerous as well as healthy non-cancerous cells alike.

Targeted therapies, although chemical drugs, are not only less harmful to normal cells and less toxic than traditional chemotherapy, but they have also been shown to improve outcomes in patients who qualify for these treatments.

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