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      • Cancer: A Second Opinion
        Cancer: A Second Opinion
        The Classic Book on Integrative Cancer Treatment
        by Josef Issels, MD
        Dr. Issels' revolutionary approach to cancer treatment caused a storm in the medical profession around the globe. Believing that a tumor is merely a local manifestation of a whole body disease, he advocated a personal, "holistic" approach that continues to be studied today.
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      • Cancer-book-chinese-92
        [Chinese Edition] 癌症大震撼!德國名醫要救你的高治癒率全 喬瑟夫‧以色斯
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    Notable Panels, Programs, Events, Memberships and Honors of Dr. Josef Issels

    Memberships and Honors

      • Academia Theatina Pro Scientiis, Pescara, Italia
      • American Association for the Advancement of Science, Washington, D.C., USA
      • Federal German Cancer Society and Bavarian Cancer Society
      • Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Thermographie, Tuebingen, FRG
      • Deutsche Medizinische Arbeitsgemeinschaft fuer Herd-und Regulationsforschung e.V., Dueren, FRG
      • Gesellschaft der Aerzte tuer Erfahrungsheilkunde, Heidelberg, FRG
      • Gesellschaft Deutscher Naturforshcer und Aerzte e.V. Wuppertal-Elberfeld, FRG, (Oldest
      • German Society of Natural Scientists and Physicians)
      • Gesellschaft tuer Biologische Krebsabwehr, Heidelberg FRG
      • Government Commission "Gesamtprogramm zur Krebsbekaempfung", Bonn, FRG
      • Internationale Gesellschaft fuer Blut-und Geschwulstkrankheiten, Munich, FRG
      • International Association of Vitamin and Nurtitional Oncology, USA Panamerican Medical Association, USA
      • Royal Medical Society, Edinburgh, Scotland (Lifetime Member)
      • Scientific Board of the German Medical Journal "Krebsgeschehen", Heidelberg, FRG
      • The New York Academy of Sciences, New York, USA
      • Vereinigung der Freunde der Gesellschaft zur Bekaempfung der Krebskrankheiten, Duesseldorf, FRG
      • Zentralverband der Aerzte fuer Naturheilverfahren, Stuttgart, FRG

    Special Events

    • Previously, Issels was featured in a BBC documentary. The Science and Features Department of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), London, aired a 60 minute TV documentary on the lssels Therapy titled "Go and Climb a Mountain". Simultaneously, it was presented to and discussed with a panel of international scientists in the Royal Institution in London.

    Service on Special Panels

    • From 1981 until 1987, member of and expert adviser to the Government Commission of the "Gesamtprogramm zur Krebsbekaempfung" ("Overall Program in the Fight Against Cancer"), of the Federal Republic of Germany.

    Special Invitational Programs before the Year 2000

      • Invitation to submit a Study-Protocol to the German Government Commission on "Nachbehandlung des Krebskranken zur Regenerierung der Abwehr" ("Post-conventional cancer therapy to restore the natural defenses")
      • Invitation to also submit the above protocol to the special commission on "Research and Education" of the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany.
      • Invitation to submit a Study-Protocol on "lnterdisziplinaere Krebstherapie nach ganzheitlichem Konzept" ("Interdisciplinary Cancer Therapy according to the Holistic Concept") to the "Deutsche Krebshilfe e. V", Bonn, (the German Foundation for Cancer Research).

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