Oxford University Lecture on Cancer-Wholebody Approach and Immunotherapy

Announcement of Dr. Josef Issels Lecture on Immunotherapy.

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Oxford University Medical Society Lecture Announcement

Oxford University Medical Society announces Dr. Josef Issels illustrated lecture on "Cancer-Wholebody Approach and Immunotherapy". This is one of many invitations from distinguished institutions, such as the Sloan Kettering Institute for Cancer Research New York and the Royal Medical Society, Edinburgh, Scotland, of which he also became a lifetime member.

Download the PDF document. Transcribed text is available below for better readability.

Oxford University Medical Society Lecture Notice

Transcribed Text

Trinity Term


Oxford University Medical Society

7th Week Friday, 15th June

"Cancer-Wholebody Approach and Immunotherapy"

An illustrated lecture to be given by: DR. JOSEF ISSELS,

Medical Director of the Ringberg-Klinik,

Rottach-Egern, Bavaria

This will be the first lecture delivered by

Dr. Issels in this country.

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