Detoxification through the Kidneys

The kidneys play an important role in filtering harmful substances.

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The Kidneys and Detoxification

The kidneys have to fulfill the important task of purifying the blood from harmful substances, such as toxic medications and other chemical substances, by filtering them out of the blood and excreting them in the form of urine.

In order to optimally perform this purification of the blood, the membranes of the renal filter should not be:

  • damaged by irritating substances

  • clogged by too high a concentration of waste products in the blood, especially those chemical and synthetic substances that are not part of the biological cycle and cannot be properly filtered.

For a sufficient filtration of the blood through the kidneys, the blood pressure should not be too low nor too high, nor should the volume of the blood which passes through the kidneys in a given time, be too low. Therefore, hydration is important to thin the blood and lymph.

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