Detoxification through the Lymph System

The Lymphatic System plays a crucial role in the body's defense and detoxification and can be boosted to fight cancer.

Scientific Publications and Research on the Issels Treatment for Cancer

The Lymph System and Detoxification

The lymph system plays a crucial part in detoxification and defense. About two liters of lymph fluid circulate in our lymphatic vessels that cover the body from the tips of the toes to the top of the head.

These two liters are formed continually from the interstitial fluid that is the extra cellular fluid surrounding each one of our body cells. This extra cellular fluid penetrates the membrane of the capillaries (the thinnest vessels), to keep the volume of lymph fluid constant and to allow the waste products to leave the cells and be carried away to the venous blood stream and evacuated.

The capillaries of the lymph and the capillaries of the venous blood work together, and one compensates for the deficiencies of the other. The network of lymphatic capillaries leads to bigger lymphatic vessels and finally to the lymphatic glands. They are placed in groups all along the lymphatic ways.

Their tasks are manifold, but always aiming at the defense of the body and purification of the body fluids to maintain its proper functioning. These lymphatic glands are stations where infectious agents are filtered and lymphocytes (white blood cells, "the police") are produced.

Other sites of lymphocyte production are the spleen, the thymus, etc. If infectious agents intrude into the body, the production of white blood cells increases rapidly and proportionally to the intensity of the aggression. The lymph nodes that are closest to the site react first: they swell, get warm and hurt.

If the production of lymphocytes is insufficient, the body's defense against invaders and against cancer and other immune disorders will be impaired.

If the work of the lymph nodes is insufficient, the filtering, the degradation, and the transport of the waste products will be impeded and the bodily environment will be more and more overwhelmed with toxic metabolites and toxins.

For all of these reasons, every effort has to be made to support the lymph system and to restore the proper functioning of all of the body's eliminative organs.

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