Detoxification through the Liver

The liver represents the body's major detoxification system.

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The Liver and Detoxification

The liver fulfills many vital tasks – digestive, hormonal, etc. It is also responsible for the proper functioning of the organism in general. It represents the body's major detoxification system.

How the Liver Works to Remove Toxins

  • Inactivates and removes toxic substances that have been ingested, such as food additives, harmful minerals, toxic medications, excess hormones, etc.

  • Extracts from the blood the residues and waste material resulting from the cellular break down, and transforms them so that they can be excreted by the intestines or kidneys.

  • Eliminates waste products and toxic metabolites resulting from intestinal fermentation and putrefaction.

  • Is a source of Kupffer's cells which filter and destroy foreign invaders such as bacteria, fungi, viruses and cancerous cells.

It is crucial to reduce the load of toxic metabolites and toxins accumulated in the liver tissues, and thus enhance its power of detoxification.

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