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The Issels Integrative Oncology, or Integrative Cancer Treatment, as practiced at our Centers has its origin in Germany.

This very comprehensive, holistic treatment has evolved from the foundation laid by the renowned cancer specialist, Josef M. Issels, M.D., in Germany, in the world’s first hospital specializing in integrative cancer treatment. It stands out for its extensive history of complete long-term tumor remissions of advanced and standard therapy-resistant cancers.

Dr. Josef M Issels developed a treatment system that not only centers on the cancer cells and tumors, but also, with equal importance, on the internal bodily environment, the “soil”, on which the cancer has grown and which is largely responsible for progression or regression of the disease.

Dr. Issels was the first to integrate conventional, tumor-focused, therapies and immunobiologic, holistic, therapies into his very comprehensive treatment programs with the aim to eliminate as many cancer cells and tumors as possible, and restore the regulatory, repair and immune mechanisms of the cancer afflicted person as a whole to prevent recurrence and enable healing.

By integrating cancer vaccines into the comprehensive immunobiologic basic treatment, he created integrative immunotherapy. It became the cornerstone of his approach to cancer, as it is needed by cancer patients of all stages

This was the origin of the Issels Integrative Oncology, also known as the Issels Treatment®. In view of his expertise and results, Dr. Josef Issels was invited to serve as an expert member of the German Federal Government Commission in the Fight Against Cancer from 1981 until his retirement in 1987.

We invite you to find out more about Issels and the Issels Treatment by visiting our website at www.Issels.com.



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