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What Is the Immunobiologic Core Treatment?

Immune System Building
Immune System Building

Issels immunobiologic core treatment for cancer is grounded in two cancer truths:

Truth #1: The Immune System Must Be Engaged

Cancer is not a one note disease that can be stopped with an antibiotic. Cancer is a symphony of diseases that affect the body in myriad ways. Cancer’s complexity is the reason traditional treatment methods often fail to achieve complete, long-term remission.

Researchers have begun to recognize what Issels cancer specialists have known for decades: The most effective cancer treatment results come from engaging the immune system to battle cancer cells. Unlike surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation which destroy healthy cells along with cancer cells immunotherapy works with the body, strengthening and supporting the body’s natural defense system.

Heralded by new Western medicine converts as “a whole new realm of medicine” and the “cancer protocol for the future,” integrative immunotherapy promotes the use of multiple beneficial therapies to bolster the immune system, enabling the body’s natural ability to destroy cancer tumors and the surrounding tumor microenvironment that drives cancer’s growth and spread.

Truth #2: Each Patient’s Biology Is Unique

The words “standard treatment” have no real meaning where cancer is concerned. Each cancer patient’s biology is unique. Differences in inherited genetic predisposition, medical history, environmental exposure, and lifestyle choices play important roles in an individual patient’s response to cancer and cancer treatment.

Issels cancer treatment centers use exacting testing methods, including genomic testing, to develop comprehensive treatment strategies that are personalized to meet the specific needs of each individual patient.

It is our ability to tailor immunotherapy to each patient’s unique biologic needs that has made our immunobiologic core treatment so successful for many cancer patients.