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Eating Fish with Omega-3 May Cut Bowel Cancer Risk

Omega 3's Cut Bowel Cancer Risk
Omega 3’s Cut Bowel Cancer Risk

More than 49,000 people in the U.S. will die this year from bowel cancer, making it the second leading cancer-related cause of death among people aged 40+. Exciting new findings from a British research team have shown that Omega-3 fatty acids can drastically reduce the chances of dying from bowel cancer by up to 41%.

Importance of Omega-3

Commonly found in certain fish, this fatty acid appears to have a wide variety of health benefits. Omega-3 tends to lower triglycerides, slow memory loss, reduce inflammation, and even improve symptoms of depression as well as ADHD in both children and adults.

Immunotherapy for Cancer and Other Treatments

The amount of research going into cancer treatment is great news for those at risk of developing cancer in their lifetime. Immunotherapy for cancer is experiencing multiple breakthroughs every year, and studies into Omega-3s and other natural remedies are picking up steam. A cure still seems elusive, but cancer patients have seen enormous quality of life improvements over the past two decades.

What Do Omega-3 Supplements Mean in the Long-term?

They mean that while your risk of dying from bowel cancer may go down significantly, they do not seem to help prevent cancer from forming. As you age, your body loses its ability to properly rid itself of cancerous cells before they turn into a problem. While this research is promising, there’s still a lot of work to be done in analyzing the relationship between Omega-3 fatty acids and cancer.

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Presence of the Protein CSN6 in Bowel Tumors Linked to a Poorer Bowel Cancer Prognosis

Protein Found In Bowel Tumors.
Protein Found In Bowel Tumors.

The Issels® Center for Immune-Oncology reports that a study conducted by researchers based at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center found that the presence of a specific protein molecule in bowel tumor samples indicate a less favorable prognosis.

Samples from patients suffering from bowel cancer were examined for a protein molecule called CSN6. This protein molecule is a regulator for multiple pathways. Among other things, it regulates some cell life cycles. Researchers looked at tissue samples from the actual tumor. In cases where the CSN6 molecule was found to be present, the colorectal cancer prognosis was determined to have a much shorter recurrence-free survival rate. In other words, where this protein molecule was found, those patients were more likely to have a recurrence of the colorectal cancer than in patients whose tumor samples did not contain the protein molecule.

These findings could be helpful in determining the best course of treatment for patients. The molecule itself could potentially be a future treatment target after further studies on its different pathways and possible molecular alterations. Bowel cancer patients can have the tumor tissue sample analyzed for the presence of the CSN6 molecule. If found, those patients would warrant closer monitoring and more frequent follow-up visits to catch future cancer recurrence as soon as possible.

Though these findings sound negative at first reading, they have very positive possibilities for colorectal patients. Using this discovery, higher risk patients could have a better chance of survival than before.

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