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Could Your Breast Implants Cause Cancer?

Find Out More About Breast Cancer Treatment
Find Out More About Breast Cancer Treatment

Women everywhere are turning to breast implants to improve body image, however a new study suggests there may be an unthinkable risk – a rare type of lymph cancer known as Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (ALCL). How are victims of this phenomena treating their cancer?

ALCL treatment options ALCL cancer victims have been successfully treated with chemotherapy and radiation therapy. The lymphomas were also discovered to disappear on their own following removal of the implants and the surrounding tissue. Subtypes and outcomes include:

• Subtype 1 In this subtype, women with protein positive ALCL, where tumor cells produce an abnormal protein, were said to have better outcomes.

• Subtype 2 In this subtype, protein anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK) is not produced by cancer cells.

• Subtype 3 Discovered during the study and requiring further research, the tumors cells in this subtype also do not produce ALK.

How many women have been effected? ALCL has been documented in 71 women who have undergone breast augmentation. The cancer develops several years after surgery, in the scar tissue surrounding the implant.

Why are the implants causing lymphoma? Unfortunately, researchers have been unable to pinpoint the particular reason(s) for the breast implants resulting in cancer. It is theorized, however, that perhaps an abnormal immune response from the body is resulting in the emergence of this cancer.

Digging a little deeper The team that conducted the study, a research team of experts from the Medical University in Vienna, the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna and the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Cancer Research, are expected to perform further studies to determine the impact of implants and dentures in other parts of the body.

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2014 Breast Cancer Findings of Special Note

Cancer Findings of Note in the News

Cancer can strike any of us at any age and leave us feeling helpless and uncertain of what to do in response. Issels Integrative Immuno-Oncology has been successfully treating cancer patients with individualized therapy since 1951. The Issels Foundation researches holistic treatment and educates people about their options for combating cancer. This has been a significant year for breast cancer research. New information published can help every woman.

Diabetes is linked to breast tumor size

The Huffington Post reports that high levels of insulin in the blood stream may stimulate growth of tumor cells. This is according to Dr. Caterina Fontanella, MD, who says, “We therefore believe that strict control of blood sugar levels is essential to the successful treatment of breast cancer.”

One skirt size increases breast cancer risk

We know obesity increases everyone’s risk of developing cardiovascular disease. A recent study published in the British Medical Journal finds a person who increases one skirt size every 10 years has a 33 percent higher risk of developing breast cancer.

Some birth control pills likely increase risk

Women taking pills containing high levels of estrogen may have a 50 percent higher risk of developing breast cancer than women who have never taken oral contraceptives, according to a recent study. The increased risk declines when they stop taking these birth control pills.

Lifestyle changes reduce breast cancer risk for all

According to two studies by the Yale Cancer Center, breast cancer survivors who eat a healthy diet and get regular exercise reduce the chance of cancer coming back and increase their likelihood of survival.

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Cancer Caregiver Lessons Learned

Cancer Caregivers
Cancer Caregivers

Alexandra Detwiler has many things in her life that she has planned for, worked for, and earned. She and her husband live in Manhattan, New York and she works in television development with NBC Universal. Alexandra also has something that she did not plan for and that no person deserves: A loved one diagnosed with terminal cancer.

She shares that life-altering predicament with millions of people across the globe, and in a recent article for Today Health, she shares her insights and the lessons learned as she and her family care for her mom who is diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, a glioblastoma multiforme.

  • Firstly, maintain your sense of humor. You and your relatives deserve and need as much joy as can be found in every moment.
  • Find a support group of people who know what you are experiencing because they have experienced the same things. Some friends will want to be supportive, but will not understand your emotions and frustrations.
  • Be realistic with your expectations for yourself and others. You are not able to dictate how others will respond. Anticipating too much from people will set you up for disappointment.
  • Appreciate life’s simple moments.
  • Remember the healthy days and do not just focus on the cancer. It is a powerful disease and can easily overwhelm an entire family.
  • Appreciate the honor you have to know your loved one and to be in a position to care for and assist them.

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