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July is Bladder Cancer Awareness Month – Do You Know the Bladder Cancer Risk Factors?

Men Are More Likely to Get Bladder Cancer Than Women... Are You at Risk?
Men Are More Likely to Get Bladder Cancer Than Women… Are You at Risk?

This July, you may see people sporting a yellow ribbon for Bladder Cancer Awareness Month. What do you know about the risks for this type of cancer that accounts for five percent of all new diagnoses in the United States each year?

Demographic Factors

  • Bladder cancer is the fourth most common type of cancer in men. According to projections by the American Cancer Society, in 2016 new diagnoses of bladder cancer in men will outnumber women three to one.
  • Approximately 90 percent of bladder cancer occurs in people over the age of 55.
  • Caucasians are twice as likely as African-Americans and Hispanics to develop bladder cancer. Occurrences are also lower in Asian-Americans and American Indians.

Lifestyle Factors

  • Smoking is the most serious risk factor, tripling your chances of developing bladder cancer. In addition, roughly half of all bladder cancer cases with both men and women are caused by smoking.
  • The diabetes medicine Actos, along with certain dietary supplements, has been linked to an increased risk of bladder cancer.

Medical Factors

  • Previous chemotherapy or radiation treatment can increase your risk of developing bladder cancer.
  • While direct cause-and-effect of bladder cancer has not yet been established, a link has been found with chronic urinary tract infections or bladder and kidney stones.

Issels® Offers Non-Toxic Immunotherapy for Bladder Cancer

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Which Type of Prostate Cancer Do You Have? Scientists Find 5 Types

Prostate Cancer In Men
Prostate Cancer In Men

Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in U.S. men, with 1 in 7 being diagnosed. Experts now say that there are five distinct types of prostate cancer. How can this help you in your prostate cancer battle? Issels® Center for Immuno-Oncology wants you to know…

Identifying the pieces
In the landmark study, samples of healthy and cancerous prostate tissue from over 250 men were analyzed, looking for abnormal chromosomes and measuring the activity of 100 different genes linked to the disease. Tumors of five distinct types were uncovered, each with a unique genetic fingerprint.

Putting the puzzle together
Prior research had identified six of the genes associated with prostate cancer, however the other 94 remained in hiding until brought to light by this recent study.

Solving the puzzle
The findings from this study could dramatically change the way prostate cancer is treated in the future. In identifying characteristics of the tumors, the scientists in the study were able to be more accurate at predicting aggressive, rapidly spreading cancers than today’s tests, such as the PSA test and Gleason score.

The missing piece
Current treatment methods, which result in some patients getting unnecessary treatment (and having to manage side effects) while others with more aggressive forms of prostate cancer often go without the intensive treatments they need will be impacted by this important study.  The study findings could save lives by allowing doctors the opportunity to quickly identify specific cancer subtypes. This specialized classification may allow a more fitting course of treatment for each patient and help those identified with the aggressive classification of prostate cancer to get treatment faster and earlier. Before this typing of prostate cancer tumors can be used to start saving lives however, a larger trial needs to be done.

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