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Why Many Breast Cancer Patients Stop Treatment or Only Take Partial Treatment

Why Many Breast Cancer Patients Stop Treatment or Only Take Partial Treatment
Why Many Breast Cancer Patients Stop Treatment or Only Take Partial Treatment

Many women do not trust the health care system and will often forgo radiation and drug therapy after breast cancer surgery. That is according to a survey of 2,700 breast cancer patients by researchers at Johns Hopkins University. Lead author of the survey, Lorraine Dean, said over 30 percent skip treatments that are intended to kill any cancer cells that remain after surgery.

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Doctor-patient trust is crucial

Cancer is a devastating disease and it is understandable that patients experience feelings of helplessness. It’s not just women with breast cancer who are losing trust in doctors and the health care system, it’s the general public as well. People often feel that doctors put their own financial interest ahead of patient care. When patients feel their doctors don’t listen to them or take their concerns seriously, trust begins to erode.

For the best possible outcome, it is necessary that doctors and patients have a strong bond of trust. Patients should feel comfortable being fully honest with health care providers and the doctors should always remember that a patient’s trust in them is a vital and necessary component of proper medical care. Each person’s cancer is unique and treatment should be based on the specific needs of each patient.

Personalized cancer treatment

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21 Year Old Student Sets Her Goal – Find a Cure for Cancer

Finding The Cure
Finding The Cure

At Issels®, we want you to know more about existing and up-and-coming professionals who have dedicated their lives to treating and curing cancer using precision medicine. Marissa Market, a 21-year-old from Essex, Canada who recently graduated from the University of Windsor with a degree in biology, is one of those amazing people.

As noted by The Windsor Star, Marissa first announced to her parents her intention to cure cancer when she was still an elementary school student. Since that time, she has never forgotten that goal.

Amazing Facts About Marissa Market

  • Marissa’s youth was filled with achievements. She studied in The International Baccalaureate program, co-authored a textbook about epigenetics and volunteered in the research lab of Dr. Lisa Porter at the University of Windsor when she was only in 9th grade.
  • She gained a lab position with Dr. Porter as a college sophomore and won NSERC government grants three summers in a row so she could research mutations of a protein called tuberin that causes one type of cancer.
  • Marissa, competing against 1,600 others, won one of only four available openings in the University of Ottawa’s prestigious seven-year MD/PhD program that focuses on physician and cancer treatment research graduate study because she plans to research viruses and other techniques used to fight cancer.

Marissa Market represents a new generation of doctors who specialize in research. This type of combined study means that these physicians are uniquely qualified to provide the best precision treatments to their patients.

For more information about Marissa and other cancer treatment pioneers, or to talk with us about our integrative immunotherapy methods, contact our Issels® team today.