Cancer Takes Toll on Patients’ Mental Health

You Are Not Defined by Cancer!
You Are Not Defined by Cancer!

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is a traumatic event. Many patients experience extreme stress and anxiety and may succumb to depression as they struggle to deal with their diagnosis and subsequent treatment. While the effect cancer can have on the mental health of cancer patients is known, such issues seem to be considered peripheral and may be paid scant attention by many traditional practitioners.

Western medicine’s cancer treatment model has been criticized for having too narrow a focus that concentrates medical attention and resources almost entirely on the cancer treatment protocol while ignoring as secondary other important aspects of the patient’s health. Cancer patients pay a greater price than previously believed for this attitude.

Mental Health Can Play a Role in Recovery

A patient’s mental health can play an important role in cancer treatment outcomes and recovery. At Issels Integrative Oncology, we believe in the body, mind and spirit connection. Our holistic approach to immune therapy includes addressing our patients’ mental and physical health. At our alternative cancer treatment centers in Tijuana, Mexico and Santa Barbara, California, we provide psychological guidance and relief of emotional stress as part of our comprehensive cancer treatment program.

The Real Value of Holistic Care

The value of taking such a holistic approach to patient care by addressing the patient’s mental health during cancer treatment is the subject of a broad new study being funded by the National Cancer Institute.

“We can give people the best chemotherapy (and other treatments) in the world; but if we’re not checking in to see how they’re doing as people, we may not get the best results,” Georgia Anderson of the University of Cincinnati Cancer Institute, one of 18 facilities participating in the study, told USA Today.

For more than 60 years, Issels has taken such a holistic approach to cancer treatment. You are more than your cancer at Issels.