Some Health Providers Alter Cancer Care Payments by Bundling

Reducing Cancer Care Costs
Reducing Cancer Care Costs

A new payment method for treating certain types of is cancer being tried by the country’s largest health insurer. UnitedHealth Group (UNH) has announced they will soon launch a pilot program with Houston based MD Anderson Cancer Center. Rather than multiple fee-for-service payments, UNH will pay the cancer center a single bundled payment for treatment of head and neck cancer.

Eliminate billing inefficiencies

The innovative payment plan is to last for three years. Studies have shown that paying several individual fees for testing, radiation, surgery, and chemotherapy cost more than the bundled payment method. UNH believes they can eliminate cost brought on by bureaucratic red tape and give both doctors and patients a better idea what the treatment will cost before it is underway.

Better coordination among doctors

Cancer treatment and related drug cost account for about 11 percent of UNH’s health plan expenditures. While treatment of head and neck cancer is a small part of that, it does involve physicians of various specialties. They will have to work together more closely under the bundled payment plan. If the pilot program does prove successful, UNH plans to expand it to the treatment of other types of cancer.

Our Approach is Different

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