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Targeted Cancer Therapy – Why It Is an Important Breakthrough

Targeted Cancer Therapy Can Bring Patients New Hope!
Targeted Cancer Therapy Can Bring Patients New Hope!

One of the drawbacks of conventional chemotherapy treatments is that the drugs kill both cancer cells and healthy cells indiscriminately. Targeted cancer therapy has been a valuable breakthrough in focusing treatment directly on cancer cells while sparing healthy ones.

Targeted Cancer Therapy: A Major Step Forward

Standard chemotherapy drugs go after cells with rapid growth and division. Problems arise because that can also be a trait of certain normal cells, and the drugs can’t tell the difference between the two.

Targeted cancer therapy is technically a form of chemo, but the way it works is more closely aligned with immunotherapy for cancer, which aids the body’s natural immune response. Instead of attacking cells globally, targeted therapy zeroes in on the gene changes that distinguish cancer cells from healthy ones.

How Does Targeted Therapy Attack Cancer Cells?

Targeted drugs have a number of “weapons” in their cancer-fighting arsenal. Some essentially starve cancer cells by cutting off blood vessel production or altering proteins within the cells. Others work in tandem with the immune system, alerting it to the presence of cancer cells that might otherwise escape detection.

While targeted cancer therapy comes with some side effects, they are generally fewer and less serious than the ones that accompany chemotherapy. Targeted therapy is sometimes used on its own, but more often it’s used in combination with conventional chemo, radiation or other treatments.

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Healthy Snacking Tips for Cancer Patients – When You Don’t Feel Like Eating

Tips For Healthy Snacking
Tips For Healthy Snacking

It’s important to eat a healthy diet to keep your body and immune system strong. But when you have cancer, there may be times when you don’t feel like eating. You may be too nauseated by traditional cancer treatments to eat. Stress and anxiety can also cause loss of appetite and nausea.

There are no hard and fast nutrition rules for cancer patients. It is common for appetites to fluctuate during cancer treatment. The key is to be flexible and maximize nutrition when you do feel like eating.

Snacking Tips

Try these healthy snacking tips to find out what works for you:

  • Eat your main meal when your appetite is biggest. Many cancer patients prefer a big morning meal and smaller or liquid meals at lunch and dinner.
  • Try sipping protein shakes or smoothies when you don’t feel like eating.
  • Use powdered or liquid meal replacements to boost calorie and protein intake.
  • Make sure you drink plenty of liquids to stay hydrated.
  • Eat the foods you can, even if it is just one or two foods. Add additional foods as your appetite improves.
  • Have small, frequent snacks instead of regular meals.
  • Keep snack foods in easy reach so you can nibble when you’re hungry.
  • Choose high-calorie, nutrient-rich foods to maximize nutrition when you do feel like eating.
  • Change the form of a food to make it more appetizing. Mix fruit and vegetables into a smoothie instead of eating them whole.

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Cellular Game of ‘Chase and Run’ Provides Clues to Why Cancer Spreads

New Immunotherapy Technique
New Immunotherapy Technique

A breakthrough British study has identified cell behavior that  researchers at University College London believe explains why cancer spreads. Aptly called “chase and run” by its discoverers, the mechanism describes the interesting interaction between healthy and diseased cells in the body.

The discovery is expected to aid in the development of new and even more effective immunotherapy treatments for cancer. But the British researchers have even higher expectations for their discovery. They believe they are on the path to finding an immunobiologic cure for cancer.

The study has identified what researchers call the “chase and run” effect in which diseased and healthy cells chase each other around the body. When cancer is present, it is believed that this game of cellular tag promotes the spread of cancer to other parts of the body. The British researchers believe that it should be “fairly easy” to stop the chase and run effect and keep tumors in one place.

If their theory proves true, it could revolutionize cancer therapy, making it easier to treat and remove cancer tumors.

“‘Most deaths  are not due to the formation of the primary tumor.” study spokesman Roberto Mayor told the United Kingdom’s Daily Mail. “Instead, people die from secondary tumors originating from the first malignant cells, which are able to travel and  colonize vital organs of the body such as the lungs or the brain. This happens because the cells get healthy ones to follow them.”

The study was conducted on frog embryos, not cancer cells so additional research will be required; but the initial findings are promising.