Natural Home Remedies that May Aid Cancer Patients in Fighting Pain

Pain management is important for cancer patients.
Pain management is important for cancer patients.

Cancer patients are not immune from the aches and pains of daily life. While cancer pain can frequently overwhelm more mundane pain issues, cancer patients are as susceptible to the headaches, stomach upsets and arthritic twinges that periodically plague most people. In fact, cancer and cancer treatments can add to such woes and even intensify the pain felt. When osteoarthritis pain or stomach upsets strike, potential interaction with cancer treatments and medications may prevent cancer patients from swallowing a couple of Tylenol or downing an antacid tablet.Interest in natural home remedies and foods with curative powers has been increasing in recent years and has attracted the attention of cancer patients who are concerned about possible drug interactions; although some cancer patients are turning to home remedies to avoid downing another pill. Many of the foods used in home remedies carry the additional benefit of boosting the immune system, a plus for cancer patients. It is important to note that even natural foods may interact adversely with some drugs and cancer treatments. Before adopting home remedies, talk to your Issels treatment team.

Some popular home remedies and pain-fighting foods include:

  • Ginger has been used since early times to soothe digestive upsets. It is also an effective pain reliever, blocking a key enzyme responsible for inflammation. In addition to stomach upsets, ginger may help alleviate joint, muscle and arthritis pain. Two to 3 teaspoons of fresh ginger or ginger extract per day are recommended. Add ginger to stir-fry, soup or beverages. Many people enjoy ginger tea.

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