What You Can Do to Decrease Your Cancer Risk

Reducing the Risk of Cancer
Reducing the Risk of Cancer

The World Cancer Report assessment that nearly half of all cancers could be prevented, offers a ray of hope in what the World Health Organization is calling a global cancer pandemic that threatens to nearly double worldwide cancer cases and cancer-related deaths over the next 20 years (see our previous post).

In the U.S., evidence that a combination of consumer education, cancer prevention techniques, early diagnosis and immunotherapy can successfully reduce cancer incidence and fatalities provides a useful template for battling cancer on both a worldwide and personal level.

One of the most important advances in the battle to defeat cancer has been the Western medical community’s perhaps belated recognition of the important role the body’s immune system plays in both cancer prevention and cancer treatment. Issels Integrative Oncology has been a leader in the development and practice of individualized immunotherapy for more than 60 years. Making lifestyle choices that promote a strong and healthy immune system can help decrease your risk of developing cancer.

When cancer does develop, our experience shows that integrated immunotherapy using autologous cancer vaccines with other non-toxic alternative cancer treatments to maximize immune system response to cancerous cells can produce remarkable results for many cancer patients.

To decrease your cancer risk, experts recommend the following:

• Stop smoking.

• Drink in moderation.

• Eat a healthy diet.

• Exercise regularly.

• Participate in cancer screening programs.

• Obtain vaccinations against cancer-causing agents such as HPV.

• Schedule regular medical check-ups.

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