5 Nutrition Tips for Cancer Patients

Eat Healthy And Avoid Metabolic Stress
Nutrition and Cancer

Caring for yourself is an important part of coping with cancer. When you eat the right foods, your body gets the nutrients and energy it needs. Some types of cancer treatments can make it hard for you to eat as you normally would, though. The following cancer care tips can help ensure that you’re able to eat healthy during treatment.

Limit Certain Kinds of Fruits

Eat smaller amounts of fruits with high levels of fructose, such as apples and melons, since your small intestine might have trouble digesting these. Focus on eating fruits with lower levels of fructose, such as berries and bananas.

Cook or Blend Vegetables

Raw vegetables with fiber can be hard to digest. Don’t limit these vegetables, but make sure you either blend them to make a smoothie or cook them. Cooking or blending them makes it easier for your body to digest them.

Be Cautious With Dairy

Some cancer treatments can make you lactose intolerant, although this doesn’t last. Eat small amounts of dairy at a time, and watch for signs of intolerance, such as bloating and gas.

Add Ginger

Ginger can help soothe an upset stomach in those undergoing cancer treatments. Ask your doctor about taking a ginger supplement, or put a small amount of ground ginger in tea.

Avoid Fried Foods

Fried foods that contain a lot of fat can be difficult for your digestive system to handle. Fill up on cooked vegetables and whole grains instead.

Nutrition is just one part of caring for yourself while dealing with cancer. For more help with feeling healthier, contact Issels® for information on personalized non-toxic cancer treatments, such as immunotherapy.