Cancer Treatments May Affect Nutrition – What to Know

Food is Life
Food is Life

Food is life. You’ve heard these three simple words many times, but if you’ve been diagnosed with cancer they take on a whole deeper meaning. Ironically, the disease can interfere with nutrition at the time you need it most. Use these helpful guidelines to create a healthy eating plan with your doctor.

Why good nutrition is a valuable weapon against cancer

Food is more than just fuel to run your body’s engine. Nutrients in your diet protect and renew tissue cells, maintain your weight for maximum strength, and boost your immune system. A well-balanced diet improves quality of life and may even aid your chances of recovery.

Cancer can alter the digestive process

Certain tumors, especially those found in the stomach or intestines, produce chemicals that limit absorption of nutrients. While you might feel that you’re ingesting a sufficient amount of calories and nutrients, your body may not be able to use them fully.

Side effects of cancer and its treatment can affect appetite and eating

It’s not usual for cancer patients to experience vomiting, diarrhea, dysphagia (difficulty with swallowing), and other side effects that disrupt eating and prevent healthy snacking, particularly when undergoing treatment. Psychological effects like depression and anxiety can also reduce appetite.

Discuss any diet and nutrition concerns with your doctor

Don’t get discouraged if you have problems getting enough food and nutrients. Medicine and other therapies are available to help you meet your nutritional needs.

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2 thoughts on “Cancer Treatments May Affect Nutrition – What to Know”

  1. Nice article, i think food is everything eating well while being treated for cancer might help a patient feel better; keep up the strength and energy;maintain weight and body’s store of nutrients;better tolerate treatment-related side effects; lower risk of infection.
    heal and recover faster.Eating well means eating a variety of foods to get the nutrients the body needs to fight cancer. These nutrients include protein, carbohydrates, fat, water, vitamins, and minerals.

  2. Hello,
    I am looking for a organic recipes( cook book) that you have from Angles Hospital. There anyway I could get a copy of those (cook book). My father stayed at the Hospital for his cancer treatment from November 17 to December 1. We ate their food meals last 2 weeks. We love it. Anyway, would be nice to have a organic recipes book. I am willing to pay for book. Let me know.
    Thank you
    Craig Manderfeld

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