Reader Reviews of “Cancer: a Second Opinion” by Dr. Josef M. Issels

Josef M. Issels, Our Founder
Josef M. Issels, Our Founder

“Every second of every day, a man, woman or child dies of cancer.” That is the opening line of Cancer: A Second Opinion, written by Dr. Josef M. Issels, founder and namesake of our immunotherapy for cancer clinic. It also sums up why he felt the need to share his valuable work with the rest of the world.

“A General Disease of the Whole Body”

The medical community has traditionally viewed cancer as a localized disease and focused treatment on the tumor itself. Dr. Issels put forth the idea that cancer is actually the symptom of a generalized disease affecting the entire body.

This concept formed the basis of Dr. Issels’ groundbreaking work developing integrative immunotherapy for cancer treatments. While acknowledging that methods such as surgery and radiotherapy are necessary tools, Dr. Issels focused on treatments that fight the cause of cancer by boosting the immune system, the body’s natural line of defense.

The Public Responds

Cancer: A Second Opinion has achieved a five-star rating on Amazon. Here’s what some readers had to say in their reviews:

  • “Perhaps the most important book written on cancer in the twentieth century.”
  • “This book is for fighters.”
  • “When confronted with cancer I wanted to read more, and this was a great book for info. Would suggest it to anyone dealing with this.”

Issels®: A Pioneer in Immunotherapy for Cancer

Cancer vaccines, NK cells and hyperthermia are some of the non-toxic, innovative treatments used at our Issels® clinic. Visit our website to learn more about Dr. Issels and how we are carrying his legacy forward.

PBS News Hour Features Immunotherapy for Cancer

Diverse Hands Holding The Word Cancer
Immunotherapy brings breakthroughs to cancer treatment.

As immunotherapy for cancer becomes an increasingly valuable method for fighting tumors, stories have moved from medical journals into the mainstream media. Immunotherapy was the topic of a recent edition of Leading Edge, a weekly science and technology report featured on PBS News Hour.

Immunotherapy: One Woman’s Story

First up were Melinda Welsh, a journalist who was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma, and her oncologist, Dr. Alain Algazi of the University of California, San Francisco. When Melinda’s cancer metastasized, her doctors told her she had no more than a year to live.

Dr. Algazi began treating Melinda with an immunotherapy method known as a checkpoint inhibitor, which releases the “brakes” that prevent the body’s immune system from attacking tumor cells. Melinda then went into remission and continues today, three years after receiving her original diagnosis.

The Immunotherapy Difference

Host Hari Sreenivasan then conducted a discussion with Dr. Jeffery Bluestone, CEO of Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy, and New York Times reporter Matt Richter.

Highlights of the conversation include:

Immunotherapy for cancer differs drastically from other treatments in that it uses the body’s natural power rather than poisons to fight tumors.

• Richter, who has profiled a number of cancer patients, characterized immunotherapy as a “quantum leap” in the fight against cancer.

• Dr. Bluestone cited the example of melanoma, which has gone from 5 percent five-year survival to 40 percent five-year survival.

A Personalized Approach

Our non-toxic immunotherapy for cancer treatments are tailored to meet your specific needs. Visit our website to read and hear success stories from patients who have been treated at our Issels® clinics.