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The Tough Questions – How Long Will I live?

How Long?
How Long?

If you receive a cancer diagnosis, it is normal to ask, “How long will I live?” Despite the tremendous strides made in battling cancer and extending the life expectancy of cancer patients, The Big C still carries the death stigma.

An Unanswerable Question

None of us can know how long we will live. Whether or not you have cancer, life eventually comes to an end. Sometimes cancer hastens those final days, but more and more frequently it does not. There is no magic calculator that can predict with 100% accuracy when your last day on Earth will dawn.

Prepare for Tomorrow; Live for Today

The advice of people who have faced fatal illness is to prepare for the worst but live with hope. Survivors say knowing your affairs are in order and your loved ones are taken care of frees you to live each day to the fullest.

Many Will Outlive Cancer

Today, many people with some of the most common and most prevalent forms of cancer, such as breast and prostate cancer, can realistically expect to beat cancer, live long and happy lives, and die of old age or other causes. Certain forms of cancer are now considered so slow growing and unlikely to impact patients’ lives that testing and treatment are no longer recommended. You’re more likely to die of something else before you feel cancer’s effects.

Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment

Scientific progress in genetic and cellular research and recognition of the immense value of immunotherapy are revolutionizing cancer treatment and increasing life expectancy. In Issels’ more than 60 years of experience, many stage 4 cancer patients have achieved long-term remission with integrative immunotherapy.

Do You Know Enough to Prevent Cancer?

Do You Know What It Takes To Prevent
Do You Know What It Takes To Prevent

The strong link between smoking cigarettes and lung cancer is well known and has prompted millions of people to stop smoking. Likewise, the well-established connection between sun exposure and skin cancer has made us aware of the value of wearing sunscreen.

But did you know that three additional lifestyle choices may significantly lower your risk of developing cancer? A recent American Association for Cancer Research report suggests that half of all cancer deaths could be prevented by making smart lifestyle choices that promote a healthy immune system.

The “Magic 3” Lifestyle Choices

Three specific lifestyle choices have been shown to reduce not only general cancer risk, but also the risk of certain types of cancer, including breast cancer, colorectal cancer, uterine cancer and kidney cancer. To reduce your cancer risk, the American Cancer Society has issued the following lifestyle guidelines:

1. Weight. Maintain a healthy weight.

2. Diet. Eat a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

3. Exercise. Get at least 30 minutes of moderate aerobic activity a day.

Are you doing what you can to prevent cancer? Click here to take the American Cancer Society’s fun Nutrition and Activity Quiz to see whether you are making smart lifestyle choices that can help reduce your cancer risk.

Commit to Living Cancer Smart

Making lifestyle changes is a process; it takes time to build new habits. Talk to your doctor to set weight, diet and exercise goals. Commit to new one dietary change and set one new exercise goal each week. Build on your weekly success until you reach your goals.

Click here to find out more about what you can do to decrease your cancer risk.

Big Pharma Roadblocks Hinder Integrative Cancer Treatment

Conventional Medicine is Not the Answer
Conventional Medicine is Not the Answer

One of the things that makes cancer so difficult to treat is its ability to adapt. Recurrence is not uncommon when standard cancer treatment methods, particularly chemotherapy, are used. As explained in our previous post, cancer cells have an uncanny ability to develop a resistance to chemotherapy drugs which can allow cancer to return.

Value of Integrative Treatment

Cancer researchers are finally coming to the conclusion reached decades ago by renowned German cancer specialist Dr. Josef Issels, the founder of Issels Integrative Oncology: Treating cancer effectively requires an integrative approach that combines multiple treatment protocols. Ridding the body of cancer and driving it into long-term remission requires a multi-pronged attack that must be individualized to meet the specific needs of each patient.

Big Pharma Roadblocks

While alternative cancer treatment centers offer numerous beneficial integrative cancer therapies, Western medicine’s current approach to integrative cancer treatment is heavily drug based. Not only is the approach limiting; but, as Dr. Carlos Moreno of Emory University recently criticized on Reuters.com, Big Pharma roadblocks are hindering the development of integrative drug therapies.

Profits vs. Patients

Combining drugs into “cancer cocktails” and treating cancer with drugs approved to treat other conditions has shown early promise. But these approaches require cooperation from drug companies, most of which have so far been unwilling to put patients ahead of profits, Moreno complains.

Issels Puts Patients First

As Moreno points out, cancer patients don’t have time to wait for researchers and drug companies to resolve their differences. Integrative immunotherapy offers an immediate and effective alternative. Issels non-toxic cancer vaccine program is not forced to rely on the largesse of drug companies. Our autologous cancer vaccines are prepared from the patient’s own blood to enhance the body’s natural ability to fight cancer. Visit our website to learn more about integrative immunotherapy.