Your Body Knows Best: Why Immunotherapy Works

Your Body Knows Best
Your Body Knows Best

Last year Science magazine hailed immunotherapy as the medical “Breakthrough of the Year.” After decades spent trying to cut cancer out, poison it with chemicals and bombard it with radiation, cancer researchers are discovering that your body knows best! Increasingly, practitioners of Western medicine are joining Issels’ experts in integrative immunotherapy in recognizing the power of the body’s immune system to fight cancer and heal itself.

Integrative Immunotherapy

Today, immunotherapy is being used successfully as both a primary cancer treatment and in conjunction with traditional Western treatments. When used as a primary treatment, integrative immunotherapy offers cancer patients an improved quality of life both during and after treatment. When combined with traditional treatments such as chemotherapy, immunotherapy has been found to decrease the length of treatment and reduce toxic side effects.

For cancer patients, including integrated immunotherapy in their cancer treatment plan is a win-win scenario. Immunotherapy boosts the body’s natural defense system which helps your body fight cancer. But it also improves immune system strength and health, giving your body the resources it needs to keep cancer from coming back.

60+ Years of Experience

Issels Oncology Centers have more than 60 years experience using integrative immunotherapy to treat cancer. Our methods have produced a unique history of complete, long-term remission of advanced Stage 4 cancers and cancers that have proven resistant to standard cancer treatments. We offer a wide range of alternative cancer treatments, cancer vaccines, and advanced targeted therapies at our cancer medical centers.

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