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How Is Systemic Hyperthermia Used for Cancer Treatment?

What Is Hyperthermia?
What Is Hyperthermia?

Heat is one of the natural tools your body uses to fight disease. The fever generated by bacterial infections, flu and other viruses indicate not only that your body’s immune system is under attack but that it is fighting back. Raising your body’s internal temperature is like taking a flame-thrower to the attacking disease. Uncontrolled fever can, of course, have serious consequences for the patient. But carefully administered and controlled heating of the body – called systemic hyperthermia — can produce therapeutic benefits in the treatment of cancer tumors.

What Is Hyperthermia?

Issels extensive experience using systemic hyperthermia as part of our integrative immunotherapy program for cancer treatment is now being replicated at university hospital centers in the United States and Europe. Also called Thermal Therapy, systemic hyperthermia is the deliberate heating of the whole body for the therapeutic treatment of disease. Over our 60 years of experience using thermal therapy to treat cancer, Issels has found that thermal therapy can also be applied to affected parts of the body with similar benefit.

How Does Hyperthermia Fight Cancer?

Used in cancer treatment, the deliberate heating of the body promotes a beneficial general stimulation of the body’s innate immune system. But thermal therapy also triggers immune system responses that specifically target cancer tumors, allowing the body to vigorously and effectively attack cancer tumors. Research has shown that systemic hyperthermia has a positive effect on cancer-fighting immune system components, including accelerated maturation of dendritic cells, activation of T-cells, increased production of T-lymphocytes and accelerated production of Natural Killer Cells.

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