Issels Cancer Vaccines Offer Non-Toxic Cancer Treatment Alternative

Sick Young Woman Lying in Bed --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis
There are non-toxic treatments for cancer. Find out what we do

Chemotherapy and radiation can be so toxic to the human body that some cancer patients choose to halt treatment rather than live through one more day of pain and misery. Traditional medicine’s standard cancer treatment weapons — chemotherapy and radiation — work by flooding the body with aggressively toxic chemicals or battering it with caustic radiation. The problem is that while these traditional cancer therapies do kill cancer cells, they also kill healthy cells, weakening and even damaging the body. For many cancer patients the physical and emotional cost of chemotherapy or radiation is simply too great. Alternative cancer therapies offer effective non-toxic cancer treatment options that work with the body to battle cancer.

Issels autologous cancer vaccines are prepared from the patient’s own blood to be non-toxic and immediately compatible with the patient’s system. Our cancer vaccines work with the body’s immune system to strengthen the patient’s natural immunity against cancer cells. Every day we are exposed to all sorts of bacteria, viruses, pollutants, diseases and other potentially hazardous elements. As these agents invade our bodies, our immune system goes on the attack, producing disease-fighting antibodies. These antibodies remain in the blood stream, our immune system responds and creates a powerful barrier to future exposure.

Issels cancer vaccines work in much the same way. Prepared from the patient’s own blood, Issels autologous cancer vaccines intensify immune system response and enhance the body’s ability to fight cancer.