Mexican Research Supports Alternative Cancer Treatment for Lung Cancer

Alternative Lung Cancer Treatment
Alternative Lung Cancer Treatment

New lung cancer research being conducted in Mexico appears to parallel alternative cancer treatments developed by Issels Integrative Oncology and in use at our Alternative Cancer Treatment Centers for years. According to, researchers at Mexico’s National Institute of Respiratory Diseases are working on developing a lung cancer treatment that would use the patient’s own blood to boost immune system function. We are naturally pleased to see other cancer researchers following in our footprints.

A key component of our well-established integrative immunotherapy cancer treatment program, Issels’ cutting-edge, non-toxic autologous cancer vaccines are cultured from the patient’s own blood. Using the patient’s blood both maximizes immune system response and, because nothing foreign is being introduced into the body, removes the issue of toxicity that creates so many problems for chemotherapy and radiation patients.

“We are developing at the lab a system of cell activation from the patient’s own blood so it can eliminate its tumors,” the institute’s lead researcher, Patricia Gorocica, told Eurasia Review. Gorocica and her team are part of a growing movement in Western medicine that now shares our view that the future of cancer treatment lays within the body’s immune system. For more than 60 years, Issels has been a leader in the use of individualized immunotherapy to fight cancer. It is gratifying to find increasing recognition of our core treatment values.

The Institute’s push for new lung cancer treatments has been spurred by an uptick in worldwide lung cancer rates which researchers believe may be related as much to increased pollution particulate and smoke from burning timber and coal as cigarette smoking, particularly in developing countries.

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