Cancer News Roundup for July

The Latest In Cancer Treatment
The Latest In Cancer Treatment

The latest in cancer treatment news for July:

  • Rogue cancer cells in blood could help explain how tumors evolve as genes change over time, leading to new cancer treatments.
  • Study finds faulty process in muscle-invasive bladder cancer, pointing to EGRF targeting drugs as possible cancer treatment.
  • The National Cancer Research Institute points to the need for age limits in clinical trials to be more flexible to allow teenage cancer patients greater access to new treatments.
  • Genetic research identifies three rare pathogenic mutations not previously known in public gene sequencing databases known to predispose carriers to breast and Lynch syndrome spectrum cancers.
  • A new research report shows antihistamines used to treat colds, allergies and insect bites may play a role in warding off tumors.
  • Study shows men over 50 who cycle more than nine hours a week are more likely to develop prostate cancer.

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