Can Fasting Boost Your Immune System?

Fasting To Build The Immune System
Fasting To Build The Immune System

A new study by University of Southern California researchers suggests that a three-day fast may jump-start the body’s immune system by triggering the production of new white blood cells. USC scientists believe that medically monitored fasting could help cancer patients, the elderly and others with damaged immune systems regenerate healthy immune systems. If initial results are upheld, the discovery could add a potent tool to the practice of integrative immunotherapy and the non-toxic treatment of cancer.

Regenerating White Blood Cells

Your immune system is your body’s natural line of defense against disease and white blood cells form its front lines. In USC patient trials, prolonged fasting forced the breakdown of white blood cells, especially damaged cells, which triggered stem cell regeneration of healthy new white blood cells.

Cancer places serious strain on the immune system. Some cancer treatments, particularly chemotherapy, can seriously damage your immune system, leaving you with little natural defense against cancer. If medically monitored fasting is proven to regenerate the immune system, it could be a game-changer in the treatment of cancer.

Supercharging Your Immune System

Integrative immunotherapy has already been shown to improve quality of life both during and after cancer treatment. By tapping the power of your body’s immune system and enhancing the ability of immune cells to target cancerous tumors and the tumor microenvironments that affect the growth and spread of cancer, integrative immunotherapy works with your body to defeat cancer naturally without harming surrounding healthy tissue. By aiding regeneration of the immune system, it might be possible for fasting therapy to “supercharge” your immune system’s ability to fight cancer.

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