New Treatment Uses T-Cells to Fight Cancer at the Root

New T-Cells to Fight Cancer
New T-Cells to Fight Cancer

One of the major road blocks in cancer research has been the unchecked mutations undergone by cancer cells, creating a moving target. An international team recently made a discovery that could overcome the problem, leading to a breakthrough for integrative immunotherapy methods.

Targeting the “tree trunk”

The group of researchers found that, in addition to random mutations, cancer cells within an individual also share specific mutations that can be isolated and attacked. Dr. Sergio Quezada of University College London’s Cancer Institute, co-author of the study, likened the approach to killing a “tree trunk” rather than fighting a tangle of branches.

Creating customized treatment

Dr. Quezeda went on to explain that a customized vaccine could be developed to attack the core mutations in a particular patient. Another possibility would be discovering which T-cells produced by the immune system fight the specific mutations. Those T-cells would then be “fished” from the patient, multiplied in a lab, and re-injected into the body.

What’s in the future?

According to Dr. Quezeda, he believes these specialized treatments would be most effective against melanoma and lung cancer. Both are on the list of the 10 most common forms of cancer in the United States. Dr. Quezeda is hopeful that, in light of this study, trials will begin within five years.

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