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Issels Out-Patient Apartments in Santa Barbara, California

There Truly is Nothing More Relaxing nor Refreshing than Focusing on Getting Better By the Beach.
There Truly is Nothing More Relaxing nor Refreshing than Focusing on Getting Better By the Beach.

Lifestyle and environment are two major factors that affect your health and well-being. When you receive out-patient immunotherapy for cancer at our Issels® Medical Center in Santa Barbara, relax and focus on healing with a stay at one of several charming apartments nearby.

Fully Furnished Ocean View Apartments

Issels® Medical Center is located in downtown Santa Barbara, with close proximity to shopping, restaurants and personal services. We’re pleased to offer our patients special rates on a number of exclusive, fully furnished one- and two-bedroom apartments in the area.

  • Enjoy ocean views and convenient direct access to the beach.
  • Upscale features include hardwood-style floors, ceiling fans, king-size beds and balconies and patios.
  • Each apartment has a generously sized, fully equipped gourmet kitchen.

The apartments are a perfect complement to our personally tailored immunotherapy for cancer programs. You’ll love returning from a treatment session to relax in luxurious and comfortable surroundings.

Additional Living Options

If you’re interested in other living arrangements, discounted rates are available at several suite-style hotels in the area that can accommodate any preferences. You can also choose from the variety of vacation rental apartments found throughout Santa Barbara.

Issels® Leads the Way in State-of-the-Art Immunotherapy for Cancer

At Issels®, you’re more than just a patient. Our caring and compassionate team is focused on every aspect of your healing and recovery.

Get first-hand accounts of why the Issels® difference makes us a leader in modern immunotherapy treatment. Visit our website to hear and read testimonials from patients of all ages and stages of cancer who have achieved long-term remission at Issels®.

3-D Printing Allows Doctors to “Practice” Cancer Surgery

New Technology Helps to Train Doctors
New Technology Helps to Train Doctors

The classic med school model of practicing surgery on cadavers may soon be a thing of the past. Some doctors are now using 3-D printing models of patients’ organs as guides to improve outcomes of cancer treatment.

3-D Printing Improves Success of Prostate Cancer Treatment

While 3-D printing has been around since the mid-1980s, it’s just now coming into focus as a valuable tool for medical applications. One of the current pioneers of 3-D “surgery” is the USC Institute of Urology of Keck Medicine of USC.

Surgeons such as Dr. Inderbir Gill, executive director of the Institute, are using 3-D printed organs for patients with prostate cancer. The reproduction allows doctors to determine the precise location of tumors, which is virtually impossible to do during actual surgery.

Working with a 3-D model also helps surgeons reduce the risk of serious side effects that can occur during contact with areas surrounding the prostate. According to Dr. Gill, precision tools such as 3-D printing greatly improve the chances of completely removing the cancer.

Fine-Tuning Medication Dosage with 3-D Models

Another promising application of 3-D medical printing in cancer treatment involves the use of radiopharmaceuticals. Drugs containing radioactive material are administered to patients intravenously, orally, or placed inside a body cavity.

It’s challenging to determine a radiopharmaceutical dose that’s powerful enough to kill cancer cells without damaging healthy tissues as well. 3-D printing provides a vehicle to find the right balance.

Issels® Leads the Way in Non-Toxic Cancer Treatment

Our personally developed immunotherapy programs reduce the risk of harmful side effects found in traditional treatments. Contact us for more information.

Nanodiscs May Personalize Immunotherapy for Cancer in the Near Future

Training Your Immune System to Fight Off Cancer For You!
Training Your Immune System to Fight Off Cancer For You!

One of the highlights of immunotherapy for cancer is that the protocols are personally tailored to address your individual needs. A research team at the University of Michigan recently developed a way to customize cancer vaccines that holds promise for both current treatment and long-term immunity.

“Training” the Immune System

Immunotherapy for cancer focuses on helping your own immune system battle cancer cells. The vaccine created by the University of Michigan team uses synthetic high-density lipoproteins called nanodiscs to train the immune system to recognize and attack cancer cells.

Nanodiscs use patient-specific genetic mutations, or tumor neoantigens, to trigger production of T-cells by the immune system. The T-cells then use the genetic material in the nanodiscs to target the cancer cells.

The study involved treating mice suffering from melanoma and colon cancer with a combination of checkpoint inhibitors and the nanodisc vaccine. Not only were most of the tumors eliminated, the mice remained tumor-free after the same cancer cells were reintroduced into their systems after 70 days.

University of Michigan Goes All-In on Nanodisc Research

Encouraged by the results of the test, the University of Michigan has created a biotech company named EVOQ Therapeutics to concentrate on developing and refining the nanodisc vaccine. Plans are to conduct further studies on animals before moving into clinical trials.

Issels®: Blazing the Immunotherapy for Cancer Trail

Cancer vaccines are just one of the innovative non-toxic treatments we employ at Issels®. Visit our website to learn more about our specialized testing methods and individualized integrative programs.

Stanford Scientists Research New Ways to Target Cancer

New Approaches to Cancer Bring New Perspectives to Potentially Solving this Disease.
New Approaches to Cancer Bring New Perspectives to Potentially Solving this Disease.

Cancer treatment has come a long way in the last 20 years. From immunotherapy for cancer to synthesized protein antibodies, cancer patients now have a variety of options to choose from when it comes to treatment in early or late stages.

Stanford Study Shows Promise

One of the major drawbacks of chemotherapy is the range of side effects that come with a dose strong enough to take care of a tumor. Stanford researchers have found a way to bind a synthetic protein to specific molecules in the lining of certain cells, allowing them to easily pass through without needing to be delivered via the blood stream.

Since particularly dense tumors are difficult to treat due to their lack of blood flow, many chemotherapy drugs need to be administered in high doses to get the desired effect.

The Importance of Synthetic Protein Antibodies

Much like a sponge, a tumor might absorb these special protein antibodies just by contact, leading to the saturation of the chemical within the tumor. This can cause the cancer cells to die off and the tumor to shrink, possibly eliminating the cancer causing cells completely.

All of this is done without the harmful effects of large doses of chemotherapy drugs. While these synthetic protein antibodies show promise, they could still be a few years away from the mass market.

It’s good to know that immunotherapy for cancer already exists even for late-stage patients, and new treatments are being developed by researchers to improve life expectancy and quality of life. If you would like to receive more information, get in touch with us today.

Targeted Cancer Therapy – Why It Is an Important Breakthrough

Targeted Cancer Therapy Can Bring Patients New Hope!
Targeted Cancer Therapy Can Bring Patients New Hope!

One of the drawbacks of conventional chemotherapy treatments is that the drugs kill both cancer cells and healthy cells indiscriminately. Targeted cancer therapy has been a valuable breakthrough in focusing treatment directly on cancer cells while sparing healthy ones.

Targeted Cancer Therapy: A Major Step Forward

Standard chemotherapy drugs go after cells with rapid growth and division. Problems arise because that can also be a trait of certain normal cells, and the drugs can’t tell the difference between the two.

Targeted cancer therapy is technically a form of chemo, but the way it works is more closely aligned with immunotherapy for cancer, which aids the body’s natural immune response. Instead of attacking cells globally, targeted therapy zeroes in on the gene changes that distinguish cancer cells from healthy ones.

How Does Targeted Therapy Attack Cancer Cells?

Targeted drugs have a number of “weapons” in their cancer-fighting arsenal. Some essentially starve cancer cells by cutting off blood vessel production or altering proteins within the cells. Others work in tandem with the immune system, alerting it to the presence of cancer cells that might otherwise escape detection.

While targeted cancer therapy comes with some side effects, they are generally fewer and less serious than the ones that accompany chemotherapy. Targeted therapy is sometimes used on its own, but more often it’s used in combination with conventional chemo, radiation or other treatments.

State-of-the-Art Immunotherapy for Cancer at Issels®

At Issels®, our individually tailored treatment programs include targeted therapy, cancer vaccines and other cutting-edge techniques to work with your body’s immune system. Contact us to learn more about our non-toxic protocols.

Gut Flora and Cancer – the Important Connection

Using Gut Flora in Treatment Has Benefits Comparable to Anti-Cancer Drugs
Using Gut Flora in Treatment Has Benefits Comparable to Anti-Cancer Drugs

When it comes to your health, the term “bacteria” usually inspires a negative reaction. You may be surprised to learn that your body actually harbors “good” bacteria that boosts your immune system and plays a role in preventing cancer.

The Role of Gut Flora

Your body’s microbiome is a network containing trillions of organisms such as bacteria, fungi and viruses. Some are positive and some are not, but they all work together to maintain a balance that keeps your system in good working condition.

In the late 1990s, scientists began to discover the crucial value of the group of organisms centered in your colon, referred to as “gut flora.” Research has found that healthy gut flora contributes to a strong immune system, which is your body’s first line of defense against foreign organisms that cause illness and disease.

Gut Flora and the Fight against Cancer

Cancer cells can often evade detection by your body’s immune system, allowing them to grow unchecked. Traditional therapies such as radiation and chemotherapy are effective, but they end up destroying healthy cells as well.

Researchers from the University of Chicago, encouraged by positive results from testing on mice, included gut flora as part of integrative immunotherapy treatments. The successful results were comparable to the beneficial effects of anti-cancer drugs.

State-of-the-Art Integrative Immunotherapy at Issels®

Integrative immunotherapy programs used at Issels® are focused on harnessing your body’s own natural defenses to destroy cancer cells. Visit our website to learn more about our cancer vaccines, immune enhancement protocols and other personalized non-toxic treatments.