The Hormone, called Irisin May Provide Breast Cancer Protection

Resistance Training
Using Exercise To Fight Breast Cancer

Exercising on a regular basis could help prevent breast cancer thanks to a hormone known as irisin. In the latest cancer research news, scientists at the University of New Mexico concluded that irisin, which is released from muscles after exercising, might provide protection from breast cancer. Its effects on the body might also improve the effectiveness of breast cancer treatment.

Effects of Irisin

Researchers targeted cancerous and non-cancerous breast cells with genetically engineered irisin. The results showed that irisin destroyed cancerous cells but left non-cancerous cells alone. After being exposed to the hormone, the number of cancerous cells decreased by 34 percent. Irisin also reduced cell migration by 51 percent, which could indicate that the hormone is able to slow down or prevent the spread of cancerous cells to other parts of the body.

Exercise and Cancer Prevention

These cancer research findings have shed some light on the reason why exercise plays an important role in cancer prevention and treatment. Other studies have established an association between working out and having a lower risk of cancer. The UNM study focused on how chemicals produced by the body during exercise, specifically irisin, might have an effect on breast cancer. In addition to destroying cancerous cells, irisin also stays in the body for long periods of time, which provides even greater protection against cancer. While additional studies still need to be done, researchers are hopeful that these findings will encourage exercise as a form of cancer prevention and treatment.

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