Learn More about Immunotherapy a Type of Biotherapy

Harnessing The Body to Fight Cancer
Harnessing The Body to Fight Cancer

Thanks to cutting-edge advances and high-profile recipients like Jimmy Carter, immunotherapy for cancer has been in the spotlight over the last few years. Have you wondered what makes it different from other cancer treatments?

Harnessing your body’s natural resources

Immunotherapy is a form of biotherapy, which means that the treatments use living organisms to fight cancer. It works by giving your body’s immune system a helping hand in targeting and fighting cancer cells.

Cancer cells can trick your immune system by appearing similar enough to healthy cells that they aren’t recognized as a threat. The mutant cells then multiply so rapidly that the immune system can’t react and catch up.

Some immunotherapies work by making cancer cells more visible to your immune system so they can take action. Others work directly with your immune system to boost its response to cancer cells.

Different types of immunotherapy

  • Monoclonal antibodies are used for treatment called targeted therapy. They mark cancer cells to make them more easily recognizable to your immune system.
  • Cytokines are naturally created proteins that have a significant role in normal immune responses and the immune system’s ability to seek out and fight cancer.
  • Vaccines are normally thought of as preventive treatments, but cancer vaccines play an active role in strengthening the immune response.

Using state-of-the-art immunotherapy treatments

Our IsselsĀ® center uses these forms and other types of immunotherapy for cancer based on your own individual needs. Contact us for more information about our non-toxic treatment protocols.