Immunotherapy: What It Is and How It Works to Fight Cancer

T Cells
Building Your Immune System

Immunotherapy represents a real breakthrough in cancer treatment. It activates the body’s own immune system so that it can identify and eliminate cancer cells. This approach to stage four cancer treatment has reduced the side effects of treatment and yielded impressive results.

Supercharge your Immune System

The great part about the human body is that is comes fully equipped with a protective system meant to fight outside invaders. The trick is to tap into that power and be able to target tumors and cell mutations. New clinical trials have been successful in achieving those goals. In fact, more and more immunotherapy drugs are being fast-tracked for FDA approval.

Fighting Sneaky Cancer Cells

Typically, the immune system has trouble recognizing cancer cells because they are very similar to normal cells. This allows cancer cells to sneak by the body’s natural defenses and spread. New drugs have been proven to boost the immune system and help it seek out and destroy mutated cells without putting you through radiation and chemotherapy treatments, which can come with a whole host of harmful side effects.

So far, immunotherapy drugs have been used to treat different types of blood and bone cancer, including Leukemia. The results have been so promising, that scientists feel confident that they will be able to tackle a wider range of cancers in the near future.

Issels® doctors’ expertise in integrating personalized vaccines into a comprehensive immunotherapy program has already benefited many patients. They are working hard to also advance new treatment methods. We believe in boosting the immune system and improving overall health and quality life during treatment. A comprehensive and personalized treatment plan is the best approach to beating cancer. Find out how we can help you in your fight against cancer today by asking about our immuno-oncology programs.