Super-Charged Cells Take the Cancer Fight to the Tumor Level

Super Charged Cells
Super Charged Cells

The growing number of immunotherapy success stories has given new hope to cancer patients, and their families.

Our Issels®treatment centers have comprehensive immunotherapy programs that have remarkable results.

According to an article on WebMD, this non-toxic cancer treatment could be a pathway to a cure. It worked for Milton Wright III, who according to the article, had leukemia since he was 8 years-old. After years of treatment his doctors thought the cancer was gone.

Unfortunately, it came back for a third time when he was twenty years-old. He ended up taking part in CAR T-cell therapy trail, which is a type of immunotherapy. This type of treatment super-charged the immune system via genetically modified cells that both recognized, and attacked the cancer cells. In less than a month, CAR T-cell therapy got rid of Wright’s cancer.

That is just one of many immunotherapy success stories. Our own Issels® treatment program has many success stories that will bring new hope to any cancer patient.

About CAR T-cell therapy:

Over 100 trial patients have tried this treatment since 2009. Over 70 of those patients went into complete remission. This type of cancer treatment was used with patients who have certain blood cancers such as myeloma, and leukemia. Early research is showing that one day it could be used for more common tumors.

CAR T-cell therapy, like all types of immunotherapy, offers an improved quality of life during, and after the cancer treatment.

For more information about immunotherapy, please contact us at Issels® via our website. We have experienced, qualified, and compassionate doctors who specialize in immunotherapy cancer treatment.