Is the Price of Cancer Care Killing Patients?

Stack of Money
Is the price of cancer care too high?

Fighting cancer involves full concentration of a patient’s physical, mental and emotional resources. Keeping a positive frame of mind is one of the most effective weapons in the battle. Sadly, patients are increasingly distracted by concern over the financial toll of their survival.

It’s not unusual for a full round of chemotherapy to cost $100,000. Medication can run into the thousands just for one month’s supply. Considering the fact that these treatments are only a fraction of the total medical care required by cancer patients, it’s clear that the dollars involved go well beyond any investment undertaken by most people.

We consider life to be priceless, but cancer patients are forced to consider the literal value of gaining an extra year, month, or even week. They conduct a debate with themselves whether or not it’s worth the gamble of leaving their families with no financial resources.

Since not all treatments are covered, healthcare insurance is often only a partial solution at best. Far too many people exist in the grey area where they are above the threshold of qualifying for assistance but not well-off enough to afford the exorbitant costs of medical care.

This quandary also puts healthcare providers in a difficult situation. Not only do they have to weight the risks and benefits of potential treatments, they have to consider the economic hardship they could mean for patients.

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