Cancer Super-Survivors Give Us All Hope

Cancer Survivor
Cancer Survivor

Today’s array of immunotherapy  treatments are offering cancer victims something they’ve been robbed of for some time– a fighting chance. Read on to discover more about super-survivors and the treatments that are not only putting immunotherapy in the spotlight, but transforming the future of cancer treatment.

Super-survivor stats:

  • Joseph Rick
    Rick’s advanced melanoma metastasized throughout his body. Years of the side effects of chemo and radiation left a lasting impression, but did not cure his cancer. When doctors gave up hope, Rick turned to a trial vaccine immunotherapy. A year later his tumors had shrunk 50 percent, and after three years he experienced remission.
  • Tom Telford
    A tumor on Telford’s small intestine spread to his liver and kidneys following surgery and chemo, however Telford is still alive nine years later following treatment with immunotherapy.
  • Richard Logan
    Logan’s skin melanoma metastasized to his lung and liver. His cancer has been stabilized five years following treatment with checkpoint inhibitors, a form of immunotherapy.

Treating the immune system, not cancer:
Harnessing the power of the immune system, immunotherapy is charting new territory. It offers a chance at long-term survival, particularly in advanced cancers, with developments in treatment technology such as:

  • Checkpoint inhibitors
    Certain immune system components can prevent immune system warriors, T-cells, from attacking tumors. Checkpoint inhibitors block these components, putting T-cells back in the fight.
  • T-cell therapy
    This therapy involves genetically modifying certain T-cells outside the body, creating “CAR T cells”, which are then re-infused back into the body to attack targets on the surface of cancer cells.
  • And many more therapies both in use and under investigation.

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