Molecular Imaging: New Technology to Fight Cancer

Cancer Research
New Molecular Imaging

Once a cancer diagnosis has been made, doctors and patients typically plan a course of treatment. All too often during this period of strategizing, the patient’s quality of life during treatment isn’t taken into account. Radiation and chemotherapy can effectively treat cancer, but they also come with their own list of side effects, some of which can be temporarily debilitating.

A new approach to stage 4 cancer treatment involves molecular imaging. This technology allows doctors to precisely target the most aggressive cancer cells by using a powerful scan that combines a traditional CT with 3-D positron emission tomography (PET). Being able to identify the most dangerous cancer cells allows doctors to perform accurate biopsies and significantly reduce the amount of radiation and chemotherapy treatments needed.

This cutting edge scan can also tell doctors a lot more about how your tumor is behaving. Often times, progress is measured by whether the tumor is shrinking or changing shape. However, this may only be a small part of the picture. Even if your tumor looks the same, the cells may have become less active. Molecular imaging may be able to provide some good news that traditional scans don’t detect.

For those struggling through cancer treatments, a PET scan and molecular imaging may be the solution to enjoying a better quality of life as you fight cancer. Limiting the radiation and chemotherapy treatments will allow you to feel healthier, less stressed and more capable of tackling cancer. If you would like to learn more about the latest in cancer treatments, proven immune boosting techniques and the importance of a positive attitude, be sure to visit the Issels® website today.